28 July 2010

D-328: Dinoking Giftset - Photos Part 2

The previous chapter featured photos that are predominantly focused on the outer giftset box of Dinoking. Not that its not impressive or important, its a giftset box after all, but then the real gems lie inside the box. Cracking it open, I present to you some interior shots of the Dinoking giftset and its one of a kind insert, which surprisingly, is not styrofoam.

Dinoking giftset out of the box. Parts in original baggy. Unused sticker sheet. My Dinoking giftset didn't come with the instructions and catalogs.  Oh well, can't win it all.

The set actually comes with an additional piece of thick plastic that goes over the shells, presumably to prevent the shells which is made of a rubbery material, from coming into contact with the plastic window of the box.

Another shot of the plastic covering.

A shot of the area where plastic covering was taped to the insert tray.

Close up shot of the full insert tray.

The back of the insert tray. Notice that there are pieces of cardboard along the insert tray presumably to give it added support.

The Dinoking bio-card. Like all Victory boxed toys, the bio-card is not individually included but is printed onto a flap of the box.

D-322: Gouryu (aka: Icepick; aka: 剛竜, "Hard Dragon")

D-323: Gairyu (aka: Bristleback; aka: 貝竜, "Shell Dragon")

D-324: Kakuryu (aka: Slog; aka: 角竜, "Horned Dragon")

D-325: Doryu (aka: Scowl; aka: 土竜, "Earth Dragon")

D-326: Yokuryu (aka: Wildfly; aka: 翼竜, "Winged Dragon")
Right now, I'm thinking that I like Yokuryu's shell the most. Very nice sculpt and head sculpt. Very reminiscent of Swoop too.

D-327: Birdbrain = Rairyu (aka: Birdbrain; aka: 雷竜, "Thunder Dragon")
This is a strange one and the guy is probably having an identity crisis. As part of the Monster Pretenders, "Birdbrain" had a bird-like feathered flying shell. As part of Dinoforce, he is Rairyu and has a shell modelled after one of the heaviest and most lumbering dinosaurs, a brontosaurus. I like this shell too, I like its colour scheme. Very reminiscent of Sludge and is easily one of the largest Dinoforce shells by length.

Close up shots of the robots.

Goryu and Doryu

Gairyu and Yokoryu

Karkaryu and Rairyu

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  1. Very beautiful pictures, H_D! One of these fine days, perhaps in a couple of years time I shall shell out the small fortune to own my very own Dinoking giftset! Maybe you can consider selling yours if you have a spare in the future? LOL!


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