06 August 2010

D-328: Dinoking Giftset - Photos Part 3 - Out of the inserts they come!

The previous chapter featured photos that are predominantly focused on the inside of the giftset box of Dinoking. While inserts and all are pretty cool, the real object of buying a Transformer is for the toy itself. Or in this case, 12 toys! I present to you shots of each Dinoforce member in turn.

Dinoforce pretender shells and Dinoking

Dinoforce parts and unused sticker sheet.

Some mug shots before we begin in ernest...



D-322: Gouryu (aka: Icepick; aka: 剛竜, "Hard Dragon")
This guy is one of the most famous and well used characters in Victory. In the series, he does not use his gun but carries a club like weapon which can generate destructive red energy rings.

I'm not sure whether there is an issue with the paint job of my Gouryu or if this piece actually comes like that with a slightly tattered look. The pics of this guy on Seibertron.com also seem to have similar issues.

D-323: Gairyu (aka: Bristleback; aka: 貝竜, "Shell Dragon")
The Gairyu shell is the only dinosaur species that do not have a direct correlation with the dinosaur species of each of the 5 G1 Dinobots. Since Dinoforce has 6 dinosaurs instead of 5, at least one of them has to be a different species I guess.

Inner robot in beast mode.

D-324: Kakuryu (aka: Slog; aka: 角竜, "Horned Dragon")
This robot as Slog in the US is fearsome. As Kakaryu, a part of Dinoforce, this guy is something of a joke. Portrayed in the series as comic relief, which is pretty sad. The shell is a triceratops, the same dinosaur model as Slag, an equally fearsome and powerful Transformer.

I like how all the parts the Kakaryu came with, including the Dinoking head, can be mounted onto the shell.

D-325: Doryu (aka: Scowl; aka: 土竜, "Earth Dragon")

I love how the gun and the Dinoking footpad can both be attached to the shell

D-326: Yokuryu (aka: Wildfly; aka: 翼竜, "Winged Dragon")
Right now, I'm thinking that I like Yokuryu's shell the most. Very nice sculpt and head sculpt. Very reminiscent of Swoop too.

I also like the way he seems to have a jet-pack behind, almost as if to aid in inter-stella flight.

Inner robot in beast mode

D-327: Rairyu (aka: Birdbrain; aka: 雷竜, "Thunder Dragon")
This is a strange one and the guy is probably having an identity crisis. As part of the Monster Pretenders, "Birdbrain" had a bird-like feathered flying shell. As part of Dinoforce, he is Rairyu and has a shell modelled after one of the heaviest and most lumbering dinosaurs, a brontosaurus. I like this shell too, I like its colour scheme. Very reminiscent of Sludge and is easily one of the largest Dinoforce shells by length.

What a very nice grey colour!

Again, here are the Dinoforce shells and Dinoking

Dinoking unapplied sticker sheet. The unique thing about Transformer giftset stickers is that they come as one entire piece instead of being 6 separate pieces for each Transformer. The Dinoking sticker sheet also clearly spells out which set of stickers is for which member by their Japanese designation numbers like "D-325" for example. In addition to the above, what makes this piece even more special is the fact that there is no US equivalent sticker that will look like this because the Monster Pretenders were never released in a giftset box. This unapplied sticker sheet is just smokin' hot!

Next: How about Dinoking himself!?!

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  1. Hey there, as a point of interest, the dinosaur designs for this set were likely derived from the unused concepts for Takara's old Machine Saurer series (which also partly inspired the original Diaclone Dinobots which included the original Machine Saurer rereleased as a Diaclone "Machine Dragon" toy as a counterpart to the Dinobots). The concept art and prototypes for Machine Saurer's extended line featured cybernetic-enhanced dinos that looked almost identical to some of these guys (especially the bronto/apatosaurus and the pterosaur). Kind of the precursor to Tyco's Dino-Riders series, really.

  2. hi Bryan, thanks for that enlightening piece of info. I really had no idea. A quick search for Machine Saurer reveals that Marmit Saurer looks very much like Gouryu's shell design! There appears to be limited resources or images of these on the 'net. Are you able to point me in the right direction in terms of websites or images of the Saurers? I'd like to know more!

  3. I'll see what I can find and let you know. I might have seen some stuff posted at a site or two, otherwise I may need to dig into my archive. :)


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