24 May 2013

Takara Transformers SCFs - ACT 4 Chase figures - Final Fire Guts attack Ginrai and metallic Grimlock

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Previously, I have talked about the chase figures for ACT 1, ACT 2 and ACT 3. So far, the chase figures have been highly desirable, special and has an undeniable place in Transformers lore, mythos and history. With that being said, the chase figures for ACT 4 were a little disappointing.

For ACT 4 of the Takara's SCF line, the 2 chase figures are:
  1. Final Fire Guts attack Ginrai; and
  2. Metallic Grimlock
As with all SCF chase figures to date, these make use of existing molds, which are repainted. Final Fire Guts attack Ginrai is a repaint of ACT 1's regular God Ginrai figure. Metallic Grimlock is a repaint of ACT 2's regular Grimlock figure.

- Final Fire Guts attack Ginrai -

I don't really have much to say about this figure, except that it comes in a really nice sheen of gold. 

I think it purports to replicate the attack in this scene, but then gold does not really do it. 

Another shot of this chase figure

Comparison of ACT 4 chase Final Fire Guts Attack Ginrai with it's ACT 1 counterpart in regular colours.

To be honest, the Heroes of Cybertron version of this figure, which is in transparent orange plastic, is closer to the cartoon than the SCF version. I believe this is perhaps the only instance or  one of the very few instances where a HoC figure has actually beat out a SCF figure.

HoC Fire Guts Final Attack God Ginrai (photo mirrored from Orodruin's post on TFW2005)

This is the eHobby exclusive toy version of Fire Guts attack Ginrai. Again, the HoC version is closer in terms of colour to this toy.

- Metallic Grimlock -

A metallic Grimlock figure is the other chase figure in ACT 4. Perhaps more so than Final Fire Guts attack Ginrai, I question the choice of this repaint. Yup, it is a straight out repaint with molding or parts modification.

I really question the purpose and relevance of this repaint. 

Why a metallic Grimlock? No offence meant, but who cares? Without considering ACT 9 and ACT 10, which are Armada SCFs, this is perhaps the poorest choice for a chase figure across all of ACTs 1 to 8. It is also, in my mind, the most irrelevant, given that we already have a anime coloured Grimlock from ACT 2 - there is not Transformers lore or mythos to tether this to.

Close up shot of head, first without intelligence transfer helmet and then with helmet.

Another shot of the 2 ACT 4 chase figures together.

I should also mention that beginning from ACT 3, each ACT also comes with a bonus Build-a-Figure ("BAF"). The BAF's parts are divided up among the 6 regular coloured and pewter/ transparent/ non-coloured figures to form 2 BAFs - one that is coloured and one that is pewter/ transparent/ non-coloured. These come with every SCF box and are not really considered 'chase', so I won't go into too much detail here.

ACT 4's BAF is Metroplex, pictured below with the ACT 4 chase figures.


  1. I have to agree with you on both factors. With Ginrai, he looks more like a game piece that an SCF figure. Plus, Grimlock feels more like a banner-based mascot for a SCF collector-turned-blogger than a proper SCF figure.

    But beyond that... Always glad to see you enjoy getting these pieces. Because you deserve every moment and every item that makes you happy. And me - I guess I will be hoping to see your collection gets its own category in the end. ;)

    1. yeah, Ginrai looks like a warhammer piece? heh. It's nice, don't get me wrong, but then just not really 'fire guts'. On the other hand, Grimlock (and also Galvatron) in metallic colours are just really lazy on Takara's part, really lazy. At least give them new parts or molding or something.

      Man, I love these pieces and the SCF line as a whole. I sure hope to convince you of their greatness too!

    2. I think that is what gets me. Takara does all these great things with their pieces, back then, and they end up deciding to be lazy with some of their more deserving chase figures. So yeah, it would have been nice to see Grimlock at least wear his apron and bowtie get-up, and maybe Galvatron holding the Matrix of Leadership. That, and use the same color scheme as the e-HOBBY figure for a "Fire Guts" version of both God Ginrai and Victory Saber.

      However... Despite that, you did convince me to give these a second chance. Heh. I have already chosen which 15 pieces I want, and will seek them out either when we finally meet or I am close to completing my 'all-MISB' (non-exclusive) Encore collection. :)


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