14 July 2010

Decepticon Siege Bunker - Overlord

In the spirit of Fortress Maximus starring in Autobot City: Earth, this is the Decepticons' side of the story - the Decepticon Siege Bunker. The Decepticons did not get hand outs from Earth's governments and so their stronghold is a lot more skeletal and modest than the opulence that is Autobot City: Earth.

The Decepticon Siege Bunker - Overlord

Aerial view

The Medical Bay

Deployment for scouting

Lord Giga departs the bunker

"Ready the energon cubes for transport."

"I am Megatron, leader of the Decepticons."

The weapons depot

"Reporting to Megatron: I found rocket fuel 10 miles west of here"

"Stunticons, scramble!"

"Ready the shuttle for launch!"

"Blaaaaaasssst off!"


  1. Bro, it would be nice if you happen to have the Light Up Energon Cubes from Impossible Toys.

    It would certainly give this scenario tremendous boost!

    Just Passing By!

  2. hello sir, agree with you that it'd be great to have the energon cubes. I don't have any of those though but do plan to get some in future!

    thanks for stopping by =)


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