09 July 2010

Transformers Victory (1989) Episode Guide

Transformers Victory Episodes
  1. Star Saber, hero of the universe
  2. Dinoking's surprise attack
  3. Attack! Leozak
  4. Multiforce, Combine
  5. Go Rescue Squad
  6. Invasion of the uranium mine
  7. The energy base explodes
  8. The underground city of terror
  9. The new warrior, Hellbat
  10. Attack the Shuttle Base!
  11. Tanker hijack operation
  12. Rescue Jan!
  13. Mach and Tackle
  14. A fierce battle!! The Asteroid
  15. Planet Micro: The mysterious warrior
  16. Get back Gaihawk!
  17. Form Liokaiser!
  18. The resurrection of the Destron Fortress!?
  19. Battle up of wrath!!
  20. Battle to the death at the South Pole
  21. Crisis! Ambush in the desert
  22. A deadly battle
  23. The death of Ginrai!
  24. Fight, Victory Leo!
  25. Awaken, Victory Leo!
  26. The tide is turned, the ultimate weapon, The Victory Unification
  27. Jan: Protect the campus!
  28. Mystery? The base-exploding trap
  29. The death-bringing space insects!
  30. The terror of the giant tidal waves
  31. The wrath of the resurrected Space Fortress
  32. Charge! The Fortress against the Victory Combination

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