20 November 2013

Takara Transformers, Fight! Super Robot Life, 28 - Slag MIB (#5 of 36)

This is Japanese Transformer #5 of 36 - Takara boxed 28 - Slag.

My brother used to have Slag when we were kids. Slag was his all time favourite Transformer, still is his all time favourite Transformer - remember the 'who moved my Slag' incident? heh.

I remember Slag as being one of the more powerful and no nonsense Dinobots. In G1 episodes, he is usually the one that rams enemies down or burn their weapons to... slag. In TFTM, he actually knocked Devastator down when the rest of the Dinobots had little success. Powerful!

I have always wondered why Slag just walked away after knocking Devastator down. Why not finish the job?

This is the bottom of the box. Very quickly, it can be seen that the toy pictured on the box is quite different from the actual toy in the box. What is pictured is the Canadian red-faced version of Slag with white upper legs - a kind of rare variant, which I talked about here.

The differences between the red-faced Slag and a regular release Slag can be found here. Oh, and if you are reading this Cave Collector, more poison for you!

The back of box. Among 26-Grimlock and 27-Sludge, this MIB Slag is perhaps not as good in condition. There is a tear at the back of box as well.

Here is robot mode Slag (Canadian variant red-faced version), USA loose Slag in dino mode, and Japanese boxed Slag.

Oh, did I mention that Slag is not just tough as nails and powerful, but that he can be quite cute sometimes. Which 80s kid could forget one of the most witty moments in TFTM, where after Slag crushed a Quintesson Executioner with a door, he walks on the guy and says "Excuse me"!

Oh, cute Slag....

Canadian red-faced Slag on Japanese box.

Out of box. This is certainly not unused. Missiles are all off sprue and paperworks are not complete.

A close up of Slag in his styro home, where he will stay!

Dinobot shelf.


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  1. Nice post HD ! After reading this, it just reinforces how much I need to get some Dinobots in my collection. Yes…it's true, I do not have one Dino in my collection (excluding my WST ones). Other than Soundwave, they are among my favourite figures, less for their cartoon exploits and more so for their portrayal in the comics.

    I'm just so picky that I haven't come across a figure, boxed or loose, that I was happy with, or if I was, I didn't have the funds for it at the time.

    This leads me to my question, I know you have all these figures, some MISB, MIB, loose or whatever…are you happy more with just having the figures that you have, or do you plan on upgrading if the opportunity arises ex. MIB with flap crease to a MISB with no flap crease?


    1. hi Joe, man,you've gotta get Dinobots into your collection. They are some of the best and most prolific early G1 toys around. However, do be aware and careful of the Zhong Jin KOs, there are many and they have KO-ed ALL 5 Dinobots. Just gotta becareful and I guess makes the hunt a tad harder.


      In answer to your question....

      Typically, for 1984 and 1985 TFs, I have at least 2 of each figure from these 2 years; usually 1 is loose and 1 is "MIB" with a USA box. Recently, I went a step further and have started acquiring the 84 / 85 'bots in their Japanese packaging, which you will see for Slag in this post.

      I used to be a stickler, but now, if my piece is reasonably good condition, I am usually okay and will not seek out upgrades (I used to demand near C10 pieces; check out my posts from 2008 to 2010).

      The reason for this 'backsliding' i guess can be attributed to having 'too many TFs' (ahem). I just dont have the attention time or the energy to be picky about each piece. Therefore, in my world today, 'near enough is good enough'.

  2. Slag, one of two Dinobots I never owned as a kid growing up. When I was given the chance to buy my very first Dinobot, I chose Grimlock over Slag or Sludge. Later when I had the opportunity to buy a few more I gravitated to the new guys, Snarl and Swoop.

    1. I guess I was the opposite of you - my brother and I never had Snarl and Swoop. We did have the opportunity to buy Swoop, but by that time, felt that he was too 'tiny' and not worth using our parent given 'budget' on him.

  3. I too feel like one day I may need to hunt down red faced Slag. I'm curious, why did you include this in your purchase? Usually you don't go for the "more used" items.

    1. hey buddy, yeah, I think red-faced Slag is inevitable, gotta get it man. I do recommend. It is truely a very special variant and cartoon accurate to boot.

      Few reasons for perhaps some of the more used items - some reasons are in my response to Joe above. The other reason is because I bought these as part of a 'job lot' deal. I got good prices for these (if you work the price per piece backwards from the total sum), but then I agreed with the seller that I will not require photos of each piece.

      I trust his integrity of course.

      But I bought the 36 pieces without having seen any photos of them. As a result I got pieces that were C7-ish, pieces that were C9, pieces that were C9+ unused and even MISB vintage pieces. It was kind of luck of the draw =)

  4. am already intoxicated! Concurrently looking for the red slag with the blue swoop…damn you man, damn you...

    1. you have actually found the (much) more difficult one to find - blue Swoop! So now its easy cruising for you la


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