06 April 2010

MIB Transformers - redux

Yesterday I tried to bid for a number of G1 boxes. 

I did not win any. 

I wrote about the incident in "MIB Transformers - to box or not box".

Today, I tried to bid for some more Transformer boxes from the same seller. Guess what? The result was the same - I didn't win any.

I'm disappointed for sure, but not really sad, because as with yesterday's boxes, they went for much higher than I'd expected or would like to pay. All except for one that is.

The Highbrow box went for US$28.58, a tad less than I expected and less that what I would have paid. Can't say what happened, I don't know. My attention must have been diverted and I didn't even manage to put in a bid. Don't know whether I would have won or merely have driven the price up further.

I also needed the Mindwipe box and Brainstorm box. My highest bid for each was US$42.00, already pushing the boundaries of conventional wisdom if I do say so myself. I bidded for both and in both instances lost.

Mindwipe's box went for US$47.88. Very expensive in my estimation.

Brainstorm's box ended at US$44.00. Expensive by me as well.

Really, its kind of crazy.

As with yesterday's post, I'm going to list some of the other auctions with brief comments. I don't need any of these, but again, for the prices they went for, I'm glad I went and got these pieces MIB and complete in the first place.

Apeface box. Went for US$40.00. I think this is an acceptable price considering that Apeface (and Snapdragon) are relatively rarer than the 'standard 1987 Headmasters' and actually have larger boxes, which are more prone to damage. Glad I have my Apeface MIB, complete and with insert (cost me around US$120 inclusive of shipping).

Chromedome box. Went for US$51.00. Among the box auctions that ended today, this one takes the cake as being the most exorbitant. Where 'standard 1987 Headmasters' are concerned Chromedome stands out as being one of the most common, easy to find, and least rare. Yet, his box commanded a whopping 51 greenbacks. It's a little difficult to draw a comparison, but I reckon I got more bang for buck from my MIB Chromedome, with complete paperworks and with bubble insert for US$117.00.

Skullcruncher box. Ended at US$35.00. Pretty reasonable price. Might be borderline when shipping is factored in, maybe?

Nightbeat box. Ended at US$41.00.

Well, that's it. My little boxed adventure. It has come to an end.

On an additional note, Jay commented on yesterday's post and raises some interesting issues. I will attempt to address them in a separate post.


  1. Wow, that's some pretty steep prices for boxes...

  2. yeah, I agree. Haha...

    Did they let you out of camp already?


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