12 April 2010

HK Toy Hunt - Scoping out Mong Kok and Yau Ma Tei, lots of vintage TFs!

Today I went to the classic toy buildings in Mong Kok and Yau Ma Tei. These buildings still houses the bulk of the collectible toy shops in HK and were still a sight to behold.

Having talked with fellow OZ Former member jgon, I knew that there were very little vintage TFs to be found in HK. So, my hopes were not high. However, to my delight there were a fair number of vintage TFs on sale in some shops in Richmond Centre (Mong Kok).

I snapped some pictures. Enjoy!

Transformers Juniors - Soundblaster, Soundwave and Trypticon, all MIB

Pre-Transformers Starscream and Browning

Vintage Transformers pocket books

MIB Japanese boxed Aerialbots

Pre-Transformers U.N.C.L.E. type Megatron MIB, US box Hot Rod MIB and Betras Barrage

Sixwing MIB

Loose vintage G1 and G2 pieces

Loose Star Saber and Superion

Japanese box RiD Brave Maximus MIB and Soundblaster MIB

Japanese Mail-away Ratchet MIB and diaclone Ironhide, Skids and Inferno

Nice Castle Greyskull diorama. Notice the Animated Arcee at the bottom of Castle Greyskull? I'm coming back for this when the shop opens.

I had a chat with one the shop owners and he said that he has a diaclone blue Bluestreak MIB that he is thinking of selling. He's going to bring that into the shop in the next few days. I'm very excited by the prospect of finally having a real chance of owning a blue Bluestreak, definitely one of my TF holy grails. Fingers crossed the price is going to be 'right'.

I will come back to this shop in a few days!


These were my acquisitions for today:

Reissue Micromaster Sixbuilder Devastator repaint MIB, vintage Sixwing MIB, and Fansproject Warbot (aka: Springer).

Sixwing MIB (C9 box, unused toys and unused sealed paperworks).


  1. Hey HD, any more TF Junior sightings in HK? Your top picture came up while I was searching again - Man im struggling to locate any at the moment!

    1. Mate, the picture above was ages ago. All those Jrs were gone as early as Oct 2010 when I permanently relocated to HK. I've not seen too many Jrs around lately TBH... sorry!


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