17 April 2010

HK Toy Hunt - Back to Yau Ma Tei, lots of vintage MIB TFs!

Today, I'm revisiting Yau Ma Tei.

I'm returning to In's Point in Yau Ma Tei because I had been pondering whether to buy MC-19: Scopeman from them after I first saw it.

MIB Scopeman (notice Artfire MIB on Scopeman's left)

I thought that it'd be cool to have a pre-Transformers Takara piece that did not make it into the Transformers line. Scopeman would satisfy that criteria. I inspected the toy there and my goodness, it was in such pristine condition. I don't think I could have found a better piece even if I were to pick on eup from the toy shelves in 1974 (which is the date stamp on Scopeman).

Box is in C9.5, very near C10 condition; toy does not appear to have been transformed; all weapons still sealed in bags; unused sticker sheet; and includes all paperworks. What a great piece.

While in the shop, I noticed that the shop owner was selling C-313, C-314, C-315, D-319, D-320 and D-321 as a set. These were the Japanese repaints of the Sparkabots and Firecons, but unlike their US releases which came in cardbacks, these Japanese exclusive releases came in boxes!

MIB C-313 (Hardspark), C-314 (Hotspark) and C-315 ().

MIB D-319 (Guzzle), D-320 () and D-321 (Javil).

After some thorough inspection and a little modest bargaining, I decided to buy all of the above. Hoorah, to vintage G1 goodness.

The other highlights for today include finally getting ROTF Bludgeon and also opportunistically getting Animated Arcee (without also having to buy Animated Ratchet which I'm not interested in). The significance? These 2 were my first ROTF and Animated toys respectively.

Some photos of the acquisitions for today...

Animated Arcee = AU$34.72.

Bludgeon = AU$20.71 each.

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