15 April 2010

HK Toy Hunt - Diaclone/Microman blue Bluestreak MIB

Today was certainly a highpoint in the trip. For the first time ever, I'm going to get to see, hold and transform the mythical blue Bluestreak.

I woke up really early in anticipation and was going through over and over in my mind what I was willing to pay for such a rare and important piece in the Transformers mythos. Hoping against hope that it will be good condition. I had my cash and/or credit card on the ready.

Had lunch at City Hall Maxim with E's HK colleagues, then coffee at LGB in IFC, then some shopping with E before heading down to Richmond Centre. I could hardly contain my excitement.

Went to the shop and the shop owner showed me diaclone/microman blue Bluestreak and also white Sunstreaker. Wow!

I was allowed to take blue Bluestreak out of the box and inspect it. I must have stared at it, turned it around and around for 20 minutes. I was behaving like a kid in a candy store, like Charlie in the Chocolate factory, I was awestruck.

This is me gleefully holding the fabled blue Bluestreak.

I asked: "Are you willing to sell this?"

"Yes" the shop owner answered.

"How much are you looking at?" I quickly asked.

"HKD$*****" he said.

"Let me think about it" I said.

I thought about it for sometime, standing there, staring at the blue Bluestreak.

In the end, I decided that I will have to pass on this piece because:
  • there was yellowing on most of the white parts of the toy;
  • there was 'yellowing' on some of the blue plastic parts turning them deeper blue than should be the case;
  • only 2 of the 3 missiles were on the sprue;
  • there were no paper works where there should be at least this much stuff (on comparison with my diaclone/microman Jazz);
  • the unused sticker sheet was in poor C4 condition; 
  • the box was only a C6 or C7 at most; 
  • most importantly, the metallic blue paint application on the toy's right leg appears to have been repainted over very slightly; and
  • due to the above, the asking price was too high for a piece in this condition.
With reluctance, I had to pass. Had the condition been better or as good as my diaclone/microman Jazz, I would have bought the piece even if I had to pay a premium on price.

Would really have loved it. But it was not to be.

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