24 April 2010

SG Toy Hunt - iGear limited edition Teletraan-1 (Computer Command Centre)

During my 'brief preview' of China Square Central on Sunday, I saw a very nice diorama of all the Henkei Autobot figures in the Ark, or more accurately, cloistered around Teletraan-1.

I was very intrigued, but did not see any Teletraan-1 set on sale. My friend, who owned that particular shop in CSC, was not around and so I did not bother asking.

Today is Sunday, and I'm back in CSC, for the weekly flea market day.

I walked into the same shop again and there my friend was. I asked him about the Teletraan-1 playset and he told me it was a limited edition fan made release called "iGear TF-007: Computer Command Centre". He had 2 sets left. This was such a beautiful and cartoon accurate depiction of Teletraan-1 that I just gotta have it.

Costing SGD$170.00, it was not cheap. But cheaper, I suppose, than having to buy it online and pay shipping since it weighs a whopping 3.5kgs in total.

My friend gave me the set in its original carton box, which is shown below. I have it back in Sydney with my now but have not opened it.

I was not previously aware of this item's existence. So on my return, I dug around the internet and found the following pictures of this set. Very, very nice. I can't wait to break it out and populate it with my G1 Transformers.

(note: the below pictures were not taken or made by me but were found from google)

Damn, this is so nice I'm almost thinking of getting a second set!


  1. I just got into collecting a few Transformers toys. I gotta say that the Teletraan-1 set is a masterpiece. Congratulations on this great find!

  2. Hi Aaron, it is a very nice piece to display either G1 robots or Henkei, however the quality is far from great and the pieces do not snap together properly most of the time. Still, its very nice.


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