14 July 2014

Hasbro G1 Pretender Splashdown MISB

This was part of a lot of 4 pieces of MISB Pretenders that I bought when I was in Japan last December. Yes, there was some wheeling and dealing while I was snowboarding in the mountains of Niseko. Such is my reticence and the extent of my backlog that I have only now gotten to them some 7 months later.

This is the third piece - Pretender Splashdown MISB. Splashdown is 1 of 6 large format Pretenders that were actually "USA exclusives", in other words, these 6 has never seen a corresponding Japanese release. The six are - Autobots Groundbreaker, Splashdown, Sky High; and Decepticons Iguanus, Finback and Bugly.

Of this 6, Splashdown is commonly regarded as the most difficult track down and complete. It actually has quite a lot of accessories, which could be one of the reasons it is difficult to complete. So, to be able to get it in MISB condition, well, I pounced on it!

Proof of MISB-ness #1.

Proof of MISB-ness #2

A group shot of the other MISB Pretenders.

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