05 July 2014

Transformers 2010, Takara boxed 48 - Astrotrain (regular colours) MIB unused

This is a beautiful piece.

It is not from the '36 piece mega lot', but was a gift from a good friend and Aussie collector, v......_76 (you know who you are).  Thanks a lot buddy!

It came at a time when I was actually looking for a regular coloured Astrotrain to complete my mission of getting Japanese boxed numbers 01 to 49. The white coloured Astrotrain can be seen here.

The box is in stunning condition. Still smooth and very glossy.

Complete and unused paperworks

This is a comparison with 48-white Astrotain. As Arkvander pointed out, the shade of purple on the boxes are slightly different.

Here you can see that regular coloured Astrotain is a 1985 / 1986 piece. It does get more interesting...

White Astrotrain on the other hand is marked as a 1985 piece.

Now, for the back of box and the punchline... regular coloured Astrotrain has a back of box mural that is commonly on 1986 (or Series 3) Transformers. On the other hand white Astrotrain has a back of box mural that is commonly on 1985 (or Series 2) Transformers. This is consistent with the date markings in the 2 photos above. This means, I think, that white Astrotrain was released as the 'original' 48-Astrotrain in the Takara Fight! Super Robot Lifeform series; and regular coloured Astrotain was subsequently released during the Takara Transformers 2010 series. What is interesting is that Takara chose to retain the number '48' designation for the subsequent release of regular coloured Astrotain.

Comparison of the side of boxes.

Top of box.

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  1. very nice, i love that the white version could almost pass as an autobot with the other shield. Very nice pieces

    1. yeah, true. I think the white and black colour scheme could be an Autobot - example is Galaxy Shuttle I guess


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