02 July 2014

Takara Transformers 2010, D-63: Dinosaurer MIB unused (aka Trypticon)

This was an opportunistic pick up (and, no, not one of the 36 pieces lot).

The idea was planted in my mind during the Fukuoka trip with E back in May this year - during the trip, E saw a Japanese boxed Trypticon for sale at a Mandarake and said "hey, you don't have that". Actually, I do have Trypticon, 2 loose pieces in fact. However, it's true I did not have a Japanese boxed Trypticon.

So when I saw one on sale online, I grabbed it.

When I was looking at the seller's photos, the most important thing to me was that the box had no rips and tears at the edges - pretty rare for a box the size of D-63: Dinosaurer's. Also, the box art looked beautiful and glossy.

So I bought it. For a little more than the market price I thought.

D-63 is made in Taiwan (and not Japan).

This is the top of the box. There is some edge wear, but nothing too severe.

This is the side of the box. The photos of the actual toy with well applied stickers are simply beautiful. It's really something I miss because the toy photos on today's toy packaging is so heavily photoshopped it just makes me sick. I guess visually today's photoshopped toys look ok, but then they also look fake.

Back of the box with a pretty large mural of the back of box art. You know, it's another Ginraii shot here.

D-63 is worth 8 Robot Points, not bad for a dinosaur.

This is the insert. Fresh and completely unused and completely unexpected. I bought it because I liked that there were no tears on the edges of the box, but getting it completely unused is more than I bargained for!

The loose accessories are still sealed in its bag.

Paperworks are complete and still sealed.

Unused sticker sheet. Japanese words can be seen on the top right-hand corner of the sticker sheet marking it as an authentic Japanese sticker sheet for D-63.


  1. A-WE-SO-ME!!! Can I ask for the price you paid?

    1. Thanks buddy! Email me and we chat over email?

  2. very nice piece, a canadian boxed one is the only piece i had before that i don't have now. would like to get my hands on another box someday

    1. With Trypticon, I don't think its actually that rare. The issue is that the box is really large, so its very prone to tears along the four corners. Either that or its prone to lots of general wear and edge wear. That just makes it very challenging to find a nice Trypticon box (whether US or Jap).

  3. Hey bud, the contents look amazing for this trypticon. I don't recall seeing one in better shape overall including box condition. Great to have had a chance to see this piece in person : )

    1. Hey buddy, it was great having you here in person. We opened this Trypticon package together, that was special for me!


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