15 July 2014

Hasbro G1 Mega-Pretender Crossblades MISB

This was part of a lot of 4 pieces of MISB Pretenders that I bought when I was in Japan last December. Yes, there was some wheeling and dealing while I was snowboarding in the mountains of Niseko. Such is my reticence and the extent of my backlog that I have only now gotten to them some 7 months later.

This is the fourth piece - Mega-Pretender Crossblades MISB. Crossblades is 1 of 3 Mega Pretenders that were actually "USA exclusives", in other words, these 3 has never seen a corresponding Japanese release. The 3 are - Autobots Crossblades and Vroom; and Decepticon Thunderwing. Of the trio, Thunderwing is of course the most famous of them and naturally the most sought after and expensive.

However, Crossblades and Vroom are not that far behind in value because they are both quite obscure and for collectors hoping for a complete sweep of Pretenders, Crossblades and Vroom, both of whom has quite a lot of accessories that tend to go missing, are quite tricky to track down.

Proof of MISB-ness #1.

Proof of MISB-ness #2.

Back of box art which shows the 3 Mega-Pretenders. It is worth nothing that although never released in Japan, Crossblades has been redoco-ed as the Decepticon Blue Bacchus and Thunderwing was redeco-ed as the Decepticon Black Shadow.

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  1. Very nice, these three are definitely in my top ten pretenders easily. The mini ones get in there too for having realistic alt modes. Crossblades is a pretty neat mold, where else are you going to get a helicopter that wears combat boots?

  2. Have the toy, got it when it came out. Really hated it. I can not help but think how much better they could have made it.


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