09 May 2014

Fukuoka / Kokura Trip April, May 2014 - Acquisition Tally

Typically, I have a wrap up post after each trip which summarises all the acquisitions for the trip. This is the post.

I have to say though, this post is probably less exciting than previous posts of this nature.

So here we have it - the sum totality of all my acquisitions for this trip.

  • D-62: Galvatron MIB, unused
  • Gakken Mospeada 1/8 Ride Armor (aka aka Robotech's The New Generation, 'Cyclone')
  • Gakken Mospeada 1/35 scale Legioss AFC-01I (aka Robotech's The New Generation 'Alpha Fighter', green)
  • Gakken Mospeada 1/35 scale Legioss AFC-01Z (aka Robotech's The New Generation 'Alpha Fighter', red, 'Rook Type')
  • Transformers Henkei Strafe
  • Shinki - Harmony Grace MIB
  • TV Artbook #22

These 3 in the photo were acquired for good buddies. One in HK, the other in Australia and the Artbook is going to the USA. I'm so glad I found the Artbook on this trip, it was actually the only Artbook the shop had but happened to be the one that my friend is missing.
Just for fun, I have grouped all the Mospeada stuff together - including my blue Alpha Fighter which I already had.
The box art is stunning.

Alpha Fighters and Cyclone

So that's it, a wrap for this Japan trip. I bought a totality of 7 items, 3 for buddies and 4 for myself. Looking back, this is probably one of the most uneventful turnouts in terms of collectibles, so far.

Maybe I've just ran of things that I do not have or could buy?

For completeness, these are the Acquisition Tallies from past trips....

2013 December - Hokkaido / Sapporo / Tokyo
2012 July - Osaka / Tokyo
2011 May - Osaka
2011 February - Tokyo / Hokkaido
2010 January - Tokyo


  1. Between you and Maz, the itch I've been fighting over Robotech is getting harder to ignore. Great pickups.

    1. I honestly prefer Mospeada to Robotech, although both are still classics in my book!

      ~ HD

  2. May I ask how much you paid for the alpha fighters? I bought the red and blue ones as as a kid in the 80's but still looking for the green one. Whenever I see them online, I see them for really high price - about 200+USD in box. I did see a red one in Japan in Oct 2013 Mandarake Nakano for 29 dollars!

    1. hiya, I can't really remember the exact price for the Green Legioss and cannot dig it out to check the price. From what I remember it was not that cheap but cheaper than the prevailing prices online, probably around US$130 - 150? Sorry, I can't really remember exactly.

      Oh these 3, I like the blue one the most - the Scott Bernard version, heh!

      ~ HD


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