07 May 2014

Recap of 01 May - Japan Trip Day 03 - Mandarake redux, Nokonoshima Island and street side food

So this is Day 03. Before we set out for the day, I requested that we re-visit Mandarake again because they do get new stuff in everyday and there is a chance that something new would have come in.

E was looking at this at Mandarake, something she used to play. We did consider getting this console and then buying some games to play. Certainly would be worth it since it's so cheap, 5000yen only. we decided to pass though.

The one thing that was new, that I didn't see on Day 01, was a Diaclone Trailbreaker. I usually have no idea whether a Diaclone is rare, but this one seemed to have unusual stickers, so I bought it. Usually, I will buy first and check value and rarity with Maz and VF-1, haha.

After thinking about it for the past 2 days, I couldn't resist this Mospeada Cyclone anymore and decided to buy it today. To be honest, its not as expensive as I remember these to be and at 20,000yen I thought it was a pretty decent price. I have seen some on eBay for US$350 to $400. This piece was absolutely immaculate and unused, stunningly beautiful.

Our travels then took us to Nokonoshima Island, such a beautiful place.

Look at these mushroom like trees. Surreal. Like wonderland.

It was almost evening when we ran to the main flower gardens.

Dinner was at a street side store back near the city (and near Mandarake actually). The food was spectacularly delicious!


  1. $200 for the Cyclone? That's super cheap. If that's the large version, my brother had one as a kid and it is incredible. Good pick up. What did you find out about the Trailbreaker.

    1. yup, $200 for the Cyclone. It's the 1/8 scale one, the largest Cyclone compared with the 1/20 and 1/35 scale ones of course. I agree its super 'cheap' too (I mean, not that $200 is not a lot of money in the absolute sense).

      For Trailbreaker, I'd have to wait for Maz to chip in. I think its a common diaclone release with stickers that are different from TF ones only.


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