02 September 2012

1987 Destron dino-cassettes, D-108: Slugfest MIB and D-109: Overkill MIB, unused

It all started back near the end of December 2011, when I posted about the 4 pieces of 1987 Headmasters exclusive W-cassettes (aka "the dino-cassettes" to many).

To recap, I talked about and reviewed each one in some detail:
... and then I wrote a piece of all of them together, which can be seen here. Even took a gratuitious shot of them with the Autobot and Decepticon communicators for good measure - see below.

This was the money shot.

One comment that came back from fellow collector buddy Arkvander (check out his wonderful blog at "Mostly Transformers Redux"), was this:

"You really need the Japanese releases of Slugfest and Overkill...but not before I get them!"

"Don't temp me, sir. I might just decide to fly to Japan over a weekend and solve this issue, for both of us! =)", I responded.

"YES!", he replied.

I wasn't previously looking for the Japanese Destron "dino-cassettes", after all, these were common enough and had even been reissued. But Arkvander managed to sow a seed in my mind, which sprouted into the determination to also find these 2 cassettes! You devil, you! (by the way, this post is dedicated to you).

At the beginning of this year, my usual shop actually did get these 2 in! See my market watch article here. And I was excited. But they were too ungodly expensive for my tastes - at USD$500 for the set, I simply cannot be faulted for not jumping the gun.

Then at around April this year, Flame_Convoy from TFW has a sale and D-108 and D-109 were 2 of the pieces he was selling. Guess what? Arkvander got in before me and secured them both, for himself. Double the devil, this guy! (by the way, this post is still dedicated to you)

He wrote about them in his post here (go read it and see him for the devil he is).

I had to continue my hunt for the dinos. I know they are extinct, doesn't mean I won't find them. This week, my search ended as I bagged D-108 and D-109 from a Hong Kong based seller. I met up with him after work, paid and made off with the toys. Much more joyous than buying on eBay.

Without ado, here they are!

D-108: Slugfest and D-109: Overkill MIB, unused and complete.

The unused contents.

D-108: Slugfest MIB, unused

Back of box


Close up.

D-109: Overkill MIB, unused.

Back of box


Close up of his extinct unused-ness

Of course, no story about D-108 and D-109 would be complete without photographing them with their Autobot counterparts (also released in 1987). Here they are with C-121: Gurafi, C-122: Noizu, C-123: Dairu and D-124: Zauru.



  1. Hahaha! This post made me laugh so hard my wife asked what the hell I was reading that was so funny.

    You know, my whole obsession with D-108 and D-109 came from a picture I saw years ago on Maz's site:


    The very last picture, at the bottom of the page. I still want to be able to re-create that picture for myself but of course I'm unfortunately short one Soundblaster.

    Great post though, I'm glad I could help fuel the obsession. Don't you feel better now that you own them all?

    1. @ Arkvander: If price is not entirely an issue, and do not have a preference between the original or reissues, I have to recommend TFsource. They have "Encore" Soundblasters at what I assume is a good price.


      I hope this helps, as I would like to see that photo. ^^

    2. Thanks for the info, but I am looking for vintage releases only. I have a collection version of Soundblaster I bought a few years ago, but this past year my mission has been to replace all of my reissues with vintage pieces. If you happen to see a vintage one somewhere let me know!

    3. Heh. I thought that might be the case, Ark. :) And ironically, the piece I recently purchased was the "Encore" version of Soundblaster. :p

      However, if I do spot a vintage Soundblaster, I'll send the link to HD. ;)

    4. Hey Ark, I saw your record time reply to this post! Told E your response too and she thought you guys are a cute couple! I also told her your wife like Sharkticons....

      Kuma- yeah, I should have mentioned that Arkvander does not collect reissues, or even if he does have a reissue, he does not consider it as part of his G1 collection.

  2. Did all of the Japanese releases come with cards?

    1. Not all. But the post 1985 pieces did and by 1989 (ie: Victory), the cards were "built in" as part of the box. See here for example - http://heroicdecepticon.blogspot.hk/2010/12/victory-c-325-greatshot-mib.html

  3. I have to say that as much as I like your pics, the story behind you obtaining these made me glad that none of my friends are that sneaky. :p

    But even then, how does it feel to have complete this set? And any thoughts of what you might be looking for next? :)


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