01 September 2012

Some unexpected acquisitions - Triggercon, Triggerbots, dino-cassettes

So I saw some auctions in eBay. One of which was for the Japanese Destron Dino-cassettes - Slugfest and Overkill.

I bid on them. But lost because someone kept upping the bids to unrealistic levels.

After 2 to 3 days, the seller who is based on Hong Kong emailed me and said that he has lodged complaints on the winning bidder who bid on more than 1 of his auctions and would not pay. He even gave me the non-paying bidder's name.

So I thought to ask - "do you still have the toys?" (I know, I know, he might have shill bidded them himself and then just ask me straight instead of giving me a second-chance offer; so all this is a sham).

Anyway, I spoke to him over the phone. The guy could hardly speak English, so spoke to him in Canto and he was complaining about how the person didn't pay. So I asked him, how much did he want for the pieces. And he said, "just deduct off the ebay fees from your highest bid and we go from there?"

"That's not too unreasonable I thought"

After a few conversations, I managed to press the price down even further. And he was fine, he said didn't want to talk too much about the price, he's fine. So I met him at a train station after work a few days ago.

And lo and behold, he was a guy I'd seen before. A friend of the shop I frequent. I was comforted that at least, he probably isn't a cheat.

So I paid, and cash-and-carry. Felt really good. Never did get to just walk somewhere and pick up vintage Transformers in places like Sydney.

Triggerbots MOSC - Backstreet, Override, Dogfight.

Triggercons MOSC - Ruckus and Windsweeper.

Will talk more about D-108 and D-109 later!

~ HD


  1. Love the dino-tapes, HD! And to be honest, before I redid my want/wish list, I was contemplating the Encore versions of both. But... Now I need to consider the originals. Just because I really like the Takara box designs. :)

    But, then again, it will have to wait since I am still sorting out my list. :p

    1. I think for most purposes, the Encore releases would be good enough, unless you are a G1 purist. The only real difference is the boxes. Vintage G1 - made in Macau; Encores - made in China.

      This is quite unlike the Autobot Dino cassettes that were made in *Japan*.

    2. I agree. I think it was around the time I acquired my 9th piece ("Encore" Meister) and started watching this one series called "Collector's Intervention" when I realized that I need to have at least one vintage piece for my collection. Still plan to get one, as I currently have Sixshot, Ultra Magnus, the Dinobots, and Headmasters (1987 line) on my wish list.

      Besides, the only Encore sets I would recommend to a more hardcore TF collector are #7 Sky Lynx, #9 Omega Supreme (because these two are making their Japanese Transformers debut), #21 Soundblaster, and #22 Twincast (because these two are not only more series accurate (like "Canadian" Slag), but also come with new tapes... Which make them proper companions to the originals). :)

  2. I was outbid too on the Triggercons and the Triggerbots (which had a couple of carded micromaster patrols alongside them) by the same culprit. The seller did send me a second chance offer for the auction but i declined it upon realizing that the triggerbots and 'cons were chinese reissues.

    1. Actually, the Triggerbots and cons that I got from the seller are from that auction - told him I didn't need the MM patrols. The price he offered and I paid was nowhere near the US$400+ auction ending price, which was just stupid.

      Yes, they are Chinese *issues*. Technically, the terms "Chinese reissue" is incorrect - these were not reissues as (1) they were released in China for the first time; (2) they are exactly the same as US carded pieces, just that they had a little transparent sticker in front and a little black rectangular sticker on the back.

      To put it another way, you wouldn't really call a 1986 Japanese single carded Laserbeak / Ravage / Frenzy a "reissue"; you also wouldn't call the entire early Autobot / Decepticon line in Japan "reissues" because Japan only got the USA 1984/85 line mid way through 1985.

      Here is a Japanese 1986 carded Laserbeak (as compared with 1984 boxed Laserbeak) - http://heroicdecepticon.blogspot.hk/2012/04/d-60-laserbeak-mosc.html

    2. come on! You know what I meant! The reason I was put off, upon realizing that those were the Chinese issues (there!), was that I purchased a Chinese issued G1 Cyclonus a while back and boy was the material quality on that one bad. The nosecone was actually sticky, just like it had been subjected to sun light for a hours.
      When it comes to the original G1 series, I limit my collection to the US' line and despite the fact that I love the Triggerbots & 'cons, the ones above had no place in my home unfortunately. So, guess the search has to continue...
      and on a side note, this blog is a very pleasurable stop during my browsing of net. So kudos to you on this important effort.

    3. Hmmm... I don't actually have enough information to confirm whether you are right or my (initial) thoughts are. What I can do is actually open up the Chinese reissues and compare them with my loose USA Triggerbots / cons.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's been about 5 years since I started it and its been very fun for me and hopefully my frequent readers! =)


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