08 September 2012

eHobby - Dimension Exploration Researchers MISB (aka eHobby Minibots)

This was one of the eHobby sets I was the least keen on getting, back in the day. I could have bought it on retail, but given the deluge of reissues back then, I just was not interested in another seemingly senseless repaint.

On hindsight, getting this might have really been a good idea, given how much its gone up in price. This set was also one of the few eHobby sets that I do not have and I have been looking on and off for it.

Then I came across a TFW seller who was selling 4000+ pieces of Transformers and decided to get a large amount of items for him for upgrading purposes. He also had this set MISB, so I thought, why not, opportunity buy.

So here they are:

  • Bug Bite (recoloured Bumblebee)
  • Bad Boy (recoloured Powerglide)
  • Treds (recoloured Warpath)
  • Small Foot (recoloured  Gears)
  • Pathfinder (recoloured Cosmos)
  • Road Ranger (recoloured Huffer)


Close up of contents. Amazing how they managed to squeeze 6 minibots into this package!

Japanese exclusive bio card - this is number "84", without the "C"or the "D" prefix.

Back of box, nothing special here. It's same as all the generic eHobby boxes at the time.

A photo of the tape, just cos I'm pedantic...

... told ya I was pedantic.


  1. Exploring GoBots now eh? Heh

  2. I must say that I am curious on what other pieces you have purchased. I also wish I knew about it as there are 2-3 pieces that have created a gap in my collection. ^^;

    As for the item, it is quite interesting that you got it now and brought it up, HD. :) Because with e-HOBBY and their stuff, I have been learning as much about them as I can. And from what I have learned, they continued the numbering system that was used in the 1985 toyline (which the 1986 toyline adopted the C- and D- moniker to the numbering system). :)

    (Oh... And even if I said this before (I forget), thanks again for being one of my motivations to my collection. :))

    1. Hi Kuma-Nin, thanks for the kind words once again. Yes, eHobby did continue the numbering system, taking up "unused numbers" left over after the 1986 series started using the C and D numbering systems. Quite interesting.

      What gaps are there in your collection now?

    2. Always my pleasure. :)

      And the two main pieces I am looking for my AFA collection are the "Henkei! Henkei!" C-06 Skyfire and "Masterpiece" MP-8 Grimlock. (I am hoping to find both MISB and in C-9+ packaging.) There are three others I am debating over, but I want to focus on pieces that add what I am aiming for. :)

      (BTW, I am aiming to build a JG1 Skyfire, G1 Dinobot, and maybe a pre-Masterforce Headmasters collection(s).)

  3. It's just an opportunistic buy, heehee

    But they do look quite cool!


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