09 September 2012

Maz and VF1's Diaclone and Transformers toys for sale

Maz and VF1 are selling some minty and sought after Diaclone / Transformers pieces.

If you are a TFW2005 member, their sales lists can be seen here:
If you are not a TFW2005 member, here is what is potentially up for grabs (if not already gone!).


Maz's sales list

G1 UK Classic Optimus Prime MISB - Production sample (Bought direct from ex-Hasbro head of R and D)

The gold-boxed Classic Optimus Prime was released in the 1991 second wave. It might be hard for you to believe, but this is a staggeringly rare packaging variation these days, especially this English language release which doesn’t even say “Classic” anywhere on it, instead it says “Original”. By that point we would have had Powermaster Optimus Prime so maybe Hasbro felt the need to make it even more clear that this release was based on the vintage G1 Optimus Prime. This is not to be confused with the easier-to-find Spanish version of the gold-boxed Optimus Prime.

Contact Maz here.


VF1's sales list

(1) Diaclone Train Robo set (unused contents)

(2) GiG Powered Convoy instruction sheet

(3) Diaclone Dia-Attacker MIB (comes with 2 fists)

(4) GiG Countach (aka Sideswipe) box only

Contact VF1 here


If either Maz or VF1 cannot be contacted, I can help pass the message along, email me - secrets@HeroicDecepticon.com

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