16 April 2011

Heroic's (March) Private sale completed

In February to March this year, I offered certain key pieces of my personal Transformer collection for sale to a private list of about 15 die-hard G1 enthusiasts. 

I shipped out the last of the packages today and am very happy. From my perspective, the sale was a great success and I managed to sell key pieces of my collection to close friends, good buddies and key people from forums - I know they are going to good homes.

These are the pieces that have been sold:

  1. C-76: Defensor giftset MIB
  2. C-303: Minelba, complete, unused (which I talked about at the end of this post... here)
  3. C-334: Race Car Patrol MOSC
  4. C-335: Off-Road Patrol MOSC
  5. C-350: Rabbicrater MI(S)B, unused
  6. C-351: Construction Patrol MOSC
  7. C-373: Rescue Patrol (MT-11) MISB
  8. C-374: Battle Patrol (MT-11) MISB
  9. Operation Combiner TF-07: Scorch & Falcon giftset MIB, unused
  10. D-341: Race Track Patrol MOSC
  11. D-360: Metrotitan

There were a number of pieces that would have been sold, but have been veto-ed by E last minute. In other words, I was not allowed to sell them.

I am now working on another list, which consists of pieces that were not taken up during the private sale and also a number of MOSC Henkei pieces which I will be listing on eBay (my spare set of Goodbye Convoy will also go on eBay).

Watch this space.

~ HD


  1. I want, I want!!! XD

    Congrats to you and all new owners of that TF´s!!!

  2. Will keep you updated! Been to your blog, congrats on the massive haul of Transformers!

  3. Glad to see things went well dude with the sale as there were some nice pieces by the looks of things. :)
    Should you ever come across a MIB G1 Soundwave in your travels, keep me in mind eh? ;)

  4. Thanks Hursticon, I will definitely keep you in mind if I come across a MIB Soundwave in my travels. Would be only be interested in the USA boxed one or would you also consider the Takara boxed version?

  5. Cheers HD,
    I'm not preferential dude as I'll be happy with what ever is available. ;)

  6. Let me know if you start thinking about selling any of your Liokaisers. ;)

  7. @ Hursti: Sure thing sir!

    @ Botch: Sure thing too, will let you know! =)

  8. Cheers dude, I really appreciate it. :)


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