05 April 2011

Acquisitions and Transformer United market watch update

After being tardy for almost 10 days, I finally found some time to pick up my Transformers United Wave 4 from my trusty seller at YMT. I swiped a number of other things while I was in the area too.

Picked up the following:

  • UN-19: Wheeljack;
  • UN-20: Rumble & Frenzy;
  • UN-21: Scourge;
  • UN-22: Laser Optimus Prime;
  • Transformers United Japanese exclusive Fracas and Haywire (sealed in polybag; this is my second set);
  • Autobot and Decepticons faction symbols (official Takara release);
  • Hasbro HK exclusive velvet pouch and metal plate that came exclusively with MP-1B: Black Convoy (I didn't buy the MP though, just the specials);
  • 02 x Henkei clear Starscream (know this is the real deal because its cash fresh from a seller's left-over forgotten stock)
  • 02 x Transformers Generations 2009: volume 2 book (came free with clear Henkei Starscream); and
  • 02 x G&C gum collection book (this is a Mandarake exclusive that can only be bought in Japan and showcases all TF toys that was released with food/candy/sweets/etc).


Transformers United market watch

The spike in Transformers United Wave 4 prices came as no surprise to me. In fact, it's almost a certainty nowadays. The piece that increased the least in price is Laser Optimus Prime (approx HKD$200 from a RRP of HKD$170). United Scourge and Wheeljack are now around the HKD$250 to $280 region. Rumble and Frenzy is the piece that has seen the biggest jump in price since release - from a RRP of approximately HKD$270 to $300, it's now commanding prices of at least HKD$499 and in a few instances HKD$789! That is more than a 100% increase in the span of 10 days since release. 

"This is not Sparta", but like the holy man said, "this is maddness!"

While at the shops, I managed to speak with a number of sellers who were connected with the manufacturers and factories in China (ie: the manufacturers of Transformers toys). I was told a few interesting things:

  • The supply of Generations Warpaths are unlikely to increase. That means that once its sold out now, don't expect to see a repeat run or don't expect to see it appearing on pegs again once the initial batch is sold out. The good news is that production of Warpaths (and perhaps other Generations figures that have sold well), will begin again roughly around September this year. So later in year, we are likely to see these figures on shelves again. The key is patience, unless you want to pay HKD$200 to $250 for a deluxe figure, which I won't.
  • I have it on good authority that Transformers United Wave 1 will be reissued. Yes, reissued. That is UN-01 to UN-10 will ALL be reissued. When? Within the next month, so I am told. How do I know? Because some shop owners have been invited to pre-order these. If true (but don't hold me to it), that means wise-collectors should stop paying after-market prices for the harder to find Wave 1 figures like Cybertronian Soundwave, Optimus Prime and Megatron.
Here is a recap of what Transformers United Wave 1 consists of:
  1. UN-01: Cybertronian Optimus Prime
  2. UN-02: Cybertronian Bumblebee
  3. UN-03: Cybertronian Cliffjumper
  4. UN-04: Cybertronian Megatron
  5. UN-05: Cybertronian Soundwave
  6. UN-06: Earth mode Optimus Prime (the shitty version, not the Henkei Convoy version)
  7. UN-07: Bumblebee (Earth mode)
  8. UN-08: Drift
  9. UN-09: Megatron ("Voyager" size, recolour of Henkei Megatron)
  10. UN-10: Straxus
Personally, I'm not very excited about Wave 1 except that I may grab Drift and Straxus just so I can tell myself I have the Japanese release (not that these are terribly different from the US releases in the first place).


  1. And what about Windcharger? Its imposible to get one at some decent price...

  2. hey Andres, yeah, Windchargers are damn rare to spot, even in HK. I only saw 5 of them at Sogo once. I grabbed one for myself and did not think much about it. Obviously when I discovered how rare they were and went back to Sogo, they were all gone. I have never seen another Windcharger on a store peg since then.

  3. Windchargers were released here in Australia around Christmas time last year. There was also a sale on Scouts making them almost half price ($8AUD -rrp is about $15).I managed to score 2 for myself (1 to open, 1 misb spare) and there were like 5 left at my local Kmart after. All gone now and no signs of any stores restocking because there were only 2 Windchargers in the case with total 12 scouts- most repaints or re-releases.

    Speaking of Windcharger- the rumour of cancellation of RTS Scouts (WC and Rumble) and Legends in the US has caused already high prices to insane heights.

    Just had a quick look on ebay- United F/R are hovering around $90-100 mark.

    Windcharger is about $40-50. Seriously tempted to sell my spare MISB and my loose one.

    Can people not have the foresight/ rationale and patience to wait for the eventual United version?...

  4. @ gdmetro: That's crazy! United F/R for $90-100? I should have bought a case when they were released here. That's just nuts. The demand for Windcharger has always been high, now sure to hit another high with the announcement of their cancellation. I totally agree with you that people should be patient. There will eventually be either a Hasbro re-release or a United version. Has/Tak have been known to milk every mold for all its worth, they won't let the mold go to waste by just having a single run.


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