13 April 2011

Exclusive on exclusive or are these just Fables?

Lately, E has not been too busy at work, so I've spent most nights with her and did not really go toy hunting all that much over the last 2 weeks.

Some acquisitions over the last couple of days.

It's just 4 things really, the rest are just backdrops:

  1. Fables volume 15: Rose Red
  2. Madame Xanadu volume 3: Broken House of Cards
  3. eHobby exclusive KISS Players Position multipack MISB - HKD$350
  4. Toy Hobby exclusive Gentei (Henkei) Dark Skyfire MISB - HKD$380

I had no real interest in the exclusive toys this time round, I was actually more interested in the graphic novels (which is a snobbish way of saying 'comics', but who cares). The main reason I grabbed the exclusive toys (and these are by no means current releases), is because (1) I happened across them and (2) they are relatively cheap (for what they are).

I don't especially care for recolours of toys, especially when they do not have a place in canon - the KISS Players and Dark Skyfire are examples of recolours with no place in canon. That is not to say that they are not interesting toys though. 

I am growing to like them more after looking them over a few times.

Close up of KISS Players Position set and Dark Skyfire


Took some shots of my Henkei over the weekend in preparation for an upcoming post, and then took these shots, since they were all so conveniently laid out on my table...


  1. HD, a couple of quick questions for you.
    1. Is Henkei Inferno a good mould?
    2. I've heard that the mould comes with really loose joints. Is this true?
    3. Have you seen him around in HK and if yes how much does he go for? I may prefer to pick him up on my next trip there.

  2. hi dude.
    1. It's an okay mold. It's solid and chunky and has a nice head-sculpt, the light piping for the eyes are great. The main issue that that it does not come with a ladder (I used the TFC Gears of War ladder). I don't like the Inferno/Grapple mold where the right arm is concerned (either the ladder or the crane arm sticks to the arm).
    2. Yes. Loose right out of the box. Doesn't really affect transformation or posing, weird as that sounds but the legs and arms are generally loose.
    3. Yes, on and off. Usually between HKD$450-500.

    Let me know if you need more info. =)


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