26 April 2011

Back from Beijing

Just got back from Beijing yesterday. Went there for a short holiday, climbed the Great Wall, visited the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. =)

I have moderated (ie: accepted) all non-spam comments and these should all come live very shortly.

Not too many interesting acquisitions to talk about these couple of weeks. However, I did get confirmation that the SGD$15 that I received from PayPal is not a scam. See update here.

There has been some recent interesting developments in the process to whiten yellowed Transformers. My tread has been here: Whitening yellowed Transformers with Hydrogen Peroxide.

To all the readers that have emailed me directly asking for HK/SG toy shopping advice while I was away on holidays and had no internet access (can't get internet while climbing the Great Wall!), I apologise for replying late and to some, so late that any insight I had to offer is not going to be any useful. 

I still have much content to post which I hope to be getting round to shortly!

~ HD

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