22 March 2011

Link to Unreal Books

Heroic Decepticon.com is now linked to Unreal Books - by link, I mean a 'link' in internet/webpage terms rather than a partnership or other legal-ly type arrangement; ie: heroic decepticon is on Unreal Books' link list.

Unreal Books is a good resource not just for books, but for very Transformers focused cells, prints, art, sketches and commissions. There are even dedicated sections for "Limited Edition Prints" and to "Order you own commissions".

It is certainly worthwhile checking this treasure-trove out. You might just find the unexpected Transformer goodie. Bah-weep-ga-na-wee-ni-ni-bong!

I have also inserted a permanent link to Unreal Books on the right hand sidebar under the "The Spacebridge" links sections.

~ HD

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