26 March 2011

Transformers United Wave 4 is here!

Just got a call last night to inform me that Transformers United Wave 4 will hit HK today.

United Wave 4 consists of Wheeljack, Scourge, Rumble & Frenzy pack and Optimus Prime (G2). I don't really want want G2 Prime, but am just getting it as a whole set nonetheless. Support my local seller who has been so good to me.

I wonder if its going to be as crazy as the previous Wave.

Will update again tonight. Now, I just need my weekend pancakes...

~ HD


  1. I suspect it will be worse:

    1. Scourge is an army builder
    2. Rumble has not been released by Hasbro
    3. Wheeljack might be whiter, like Jazz was

    Plus, people have cottoned on to the value of Henkei.

  2. Preliminary analysis is that rumble/frenzy is horribly oversubscribed. No one's particularly interested in G2 prime (in HK at least). Scourge is uncertain, because for once, I do think the generations version looks better. Wheeljack is another toss up, cos gens version is already pretty white. We'll see I suppose...

  3. Hi H_D! wow, looks like more awesome stuff is heading your way, regardless of how these arrivals will play out! I for one am in dire need of the Rumble/Frenzy two pack..ahem..(hint, hint)Lol.
    Thanks for the heads u---maybe Robotkingdom might re-stock United Wave 4 toys (already bought Scourge & WJ)from the wave...Oh and happy toy hunting!

  4. @ Adam: Why didn't you just order the whole Wave from RK? Would save you a lot of heartache trying to search for Rmble/Frenzy. I didn't manage to go down to the shops yesterday, but my buddy did and he told me that all the shops selling Wave 4 was sold out within 30mins of the shipment arriving with Rumble/Frenzy going the fastest. One shop apparently sold out its entire stock of 200 Wave 4 sets in 12 mins (must be some pretty efficient cashiers there!).

  5. @H_D: Well, simple reason why i did not manage to order the whole wave..not enough $$ as usual. LAMO.
    It's alright then, and wow- are those HK collectors are super hard-core or what?! Talk about being flying off the shelves!

  6. Hmmm... but then chances are, you might have to pay even more for Rumble/Frenzy now... I'll have a look out, but really not expecting to find them (other than the set that my rock solid shop owner kept for me).

  7. Just a quick update from Singapore. I believe yesterday was the day Wave 4 was released over here. I hadn't preordered anything so I am not sure if you had the option of buying the entire wave at the same time or not, but anyway I've seen plenty of Rumble/Frenzy being sold in shops in Plaza Sing and CSC. The lowest price is 60 SGD which I think is 360 HKD? Cheapest Scourge is 39SGD which is 240 HKD and that can be found in Plaza Sing. Most shops in CSC sell Scourge at 45SGD/270HKD.

    For me, I am satisfied with my Gen Wave 7 and I am not interested in Rumble/Frenzy so it's an easy pass :).

  8. No worries H_D! I got a note saying that April wave 3 figures Kup and Blurr might make it here...along with Frenzy & Rumble! fingers crossed and all good things come to those who wait! Lol

  9. @ Roger: Actually, the Singapore prices sound a little expensive, but at least you can actually see the pieces available there! Just as an indication, A "deluxe" like Scourge would cost HKD$180 at retail (SGD$30) and a "voyager" like Rumble/Frenzy which is in a box like Grapple would cost HKD$250-$300 at retail (SGD$50). Maybe that is the reason why these are all sold out, and people resell them for more - "deluxes" are usually resold around HKD$220-250, which is in the SG range; and "voyagers" are usually resold for around HKD$350, which is also around the SG range.

  10. Gah, I still haven't got round to picking up my United Wave 4 yet... ><

  11. After reading about this yesterday- I took a gander at ebay- I saw one for 50 odd dollars excluding shipping.

    Today checked again- all gone. crazy. Hope I am satisfied with the Perfect Effect ones.. otherwise this will be a huge regret that I didn't get one of these.

  12. Just went over to Robo Robo this afternoon. Plenty of F&R at 65SGD a pop. Lots and lots of G2 Prime (forgot to check the price, but it's hard to give this away :)). Plenty of Scourge as well at 45SGD a pop.

    It appears to me that SG shops are pretty much openly scalping their customers now.

  13. @ gdmetro: I have the PerfectEffect ones. If you ask me, they are pretty inferior toys in terms of design and plastic quality. I actually struggled for the longest time before I bought the PE Rumble/Frenzy here in HK. It's underwhelming and good as a filler, but if Takara comes up with their own, I'd rather get that. I'll be able to confirm this view for sure once I go pick up my United figures.

    @ Roger: Yes, does sound like they are hiking up the price a little huh. Not surprising that G2 Prime is the least in demand. Hey, who wants that guy. Weird choice for a United release if you ask me (that's the 3rd Prime in the United line!).


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