05 March 2011

If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing (Part 2)

So I've gotten all my Sweeps. The Decepticon army from Season 3 (or the year 2010 as the case may be) should be complete right? Not exactly.

The thing is, I never gotten around to getting Henkei Galvatron. Back in the day in Sydney, I bought Classics 2.0 Galvatron (which the Henkei mold is based on) and was full of excitment. I went home and together with my buddy AR, opened and played with Galvatron. Man, was it a damn disappointing toy with poor sculpting, lousy transformation and very bad QC. The darn legs just kept popping off their joints. There and then, I decided that I really did not like this mold. I very quickly sold it off on eBay and didn't look back. Naturally, during my mad Henkei catch up/acquisition hunts last October and November, I didn't pick Henkei Galvatron up, even when I did see it. I even saw it during my recent Japan trip and decided against buying it.

Now, that I've gotten all my Sweeps, I had a problem - there is no Galvatron to lead them. I pondered over this today and was kicking myself a little for not getting the Henkei Galvatron which I saw in Japan, which in all honesty, I had a slight inkling to purchase. Perhaps I should start looking for Galvatron in HK now? Perhaps I could find it in Singapore when I'm there later this month? Damn, this is a problem.

Went for a good dinner with E tonight and after that walked around. We walked past this 4 storey toy shop near our place. A toy shop, which I said in the past 'has nothing of interest to me'. Tonight, we were full, we had energy and thought, why not, let's check it out.

To my lasting surprise, there were lots of Henkei in the shop (which was never before there)! Amongst the Henkeis, there were Galvatrons! How bizarre is this situation. It's like serendipity. To top it all off, there was a sale going on and if I bought more than HKD$500 worth of toys, all toys will be 20% off. Wow! This was great!

I bought Henkei Galvatron and 2 other characters. Woohoo!

Now, whose bargaining posture is highly dubious?


  1. Congrats on Mirage. When I started doubling up on Henkei, Mirage was pretty rare and expensive. It was easier finding the clear variant.

  2. I like Mirage. I always thought that the Henkei version just did it so nicely. The clear variant is still very easy to find here. However, I know its been KO-ed, so I can't really tell if its the genuine one that is floating around or the KO one.


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