03 March 2011

Focus on C-350: Rabbicrater

About 2 weeks ago, I managed to acquire 2 Rabbicraters on the very day I came back to HK from Japan. It was pretty sweet. Truth be told, I have been wanting to get this set for some time but it just really really does not pop up often, if at all.

Both pieces are in also identically good condition, so I'm very happy.

This is Rabbicrater #1

Rabbicrater #2

This is a very special set, where the main focus is not 100% on the toy. It includes:

  • the Rabbicrater toy (still sealed in its plastic sleeve)
  • a VHS tape containing the first and only episode of Transformers: Zone
  • a vinyl mat/playscape featuring the Zone characters and story

The insides...

Rabbicrater himself... still sealed...

Vinyl map.


  1. I've got that VHS video! I really had no clue it was part of this set. I knew Rabbicrater came w/ a video, but not the same video I've had for the past 5+ years. Very cool purchase by the way.

  2. Hmmm... so does that mean you have the 'Rabbicrater' video or not. Or perhaps its a Zone VHS, but maybe not packaged this way?

  3. I don't have the toy, but my video is packaged just like that. Have no idea where I got it as I've had it for 10+ years (probably eBay).


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