15 October 2010

Masterforce D-304: Hydra MIB

* The text for this article, the D-305: Buster article and D-306: Darkwings giftset article are very similar because I acquired them all in the one sitting. *

It doesn't rain, it pours.

I have been looking for Hydra and Buster for some time. They were the very last figures I needed to complete the 1988 Japanese exclusive Masterforce series. My buddy jgon has individual boxed Hydra and Busters to sell. We met up at Yau Ma Tei for exchange and pick up, afterwhich, he brought me to this toy shop filled with vintage Japanese G1 goodies to browse.

Guess what I saw there. D-306: Darkwings giftset (ie: a giftset containing Hydra and Buster). If I do it, I might as well do it all the way. I picked up the Darkwings giftset as well. So I went from furiously hunting for Hydra and Buster and not wanting to pay stupid prices on eBay, to now having 2 sets of these suddenly at prices that are way more reasonable than eBay.

It doesn't rain, it pours!

D-304: Hydra (recolour of USA Series 4 Darkwing)
Box = C7.5, near C8
Toy = C8, stickers in good condition
Paperworks = missing

Hydra with D-305: Buster

Hydra with D-305: Buster and D-306: Darkwings giftset


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