23 October 2010

Some stuff I had for long time - 1985 Roadbuster MIB

This is the third Transformer I recently dug up and photographed. 

I have always liked this since 1985. It's a beautiful piece. Totally beyond my reach as a kid in 1985 because of price range. That is why I went through 3 MIB Roadbusters to get the best one in terms of the box condition, the toy, the sticker condition and its sheer completeness (Roadbuster being very notoriously difficult to obtain complete).

Here he is, a key member of the Wreckers, Roadbuster!

Beautiful, almost flawless front-face of the box

Check out the number of parts. No wonder its so difficult to complete this guy, especially in today's post "Last Stand of the Wreckers" market.

"Made in Japan"

The 1985 "Deluxe Autobots" Whirl and Roadbuster

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