17 October 2010

Transformers Victory, Hero giftset MIB, unused (aka Classic Pretenders)

One of my few unexpected buys a week shy of me hitting the shores of Hong Kong. I acquired this when I was out for a 'smash and grab' with my buddy jgon. I first saw this in Mandarake Japan back in January this year and it was shockingly expensive to the tune of US$400+. I was intrigued about why its so expensive and so when I saw one going cheaper, I jumped at the chance to get it.

I have very little interest in the so called "Classic Pretender" molds because, bar Bumblebee, I think they are poor representations of the characters. However, this set was just too minty and priced too well to pass up.

Into the acquisition basket it went!

No flap crease

Unused sticker sheets

The vinyl covering the toys is still sealed at both ends





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