11 March 2010

1988 Headmaster Nightbeat MISB

Easily one of the most 'classic' Transformers characters, made popular by Simon Furman toward the end of Marvel's Transformers comics run along with other notably characters like Bludgeon and Thunderwing.

Nightbeat also features very prominently in the 'comtemporary' IDW-verse and even had an issue all to himself (Spotlight: Nighbeat).

I really wanted this to be MIB in US box, but when offered an MISB Dutch box version by OZ Former member Sky Shadow, I still jumped at the chance. Being such a key character, I think Nightbeat also deserves the honour of being an anomaly in my collection. By that I mean that he is one of the very few foreign boxed TFs that I have in my collection.

So here he is, Autobot detective Nightbeat!


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