21 March 2010

The Return of Bruce Wayne

I might be a little behind, I admit. I just saw from Comic Shop News issue 1185 that Grant Morrison is going to pen 'his most ambitious project to date': The Return of Bruce Wayne.

Sadly, this is not unexpected following the disappointment that was Batman: RIP and the unresolved conclusion to Final Crisis. It doesn't take Einstein to figure that DC was never going to 'kill' Bruce Wayne although the way his 'death' and resurrection was capitalised on in Blackest Night #5 almost made me fall off the chair. I went "Sh*t! If he's resurrected as a Black Lantern that that must mean he really dead" (as much as that would mean in comic book terms anyway).

So now, Bruce is coming back (as he surely must, after all, nobody can fill his shoes and convincingly be Batman). 

To be sure, I'm glad; but to be certain, I'm less than impressed but such a plot stunt. Really, it stinks of "Death of Superman" and will effectively invalidate what has gone on during Bruce's absence, except this time, we'll get better art and colouring.

I wait with baited breath. 

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