04 December 2009

Series 4 - Targetmaster Crosshairs

Targetmaster Crosshairs - Autobot Weapons Supervisor.

That's odd. What exactly is a "weapons supervisor"? I guess "armourer" or "quatermaster" might be more apt. In any case, Crosshairs seem to be responsible more for a logistics role than for a frontlines fighting role.

My MIB Crosshairs is really an "MIB" Crosshairs. He's not a pedigree. The components that makes up the MIB-ness of this toy did not all come from the same original toy. It is a mix and match between:

- an almost junker Crosshairs I bought at the August Parramatta Fair;
- a second complete Crosshairs, with much better stickers, I bought from eBay Australia; and
- a very minty Crosshairs box I bought from jgon of OZformers.

Looking at it now, the Crosshairs box is so nice and minty that it could give my MIB Pointblank box a run for its money.

I would not have ordinarily done this. But this is how Crosshairs turned out. I suspect Sureshot is going to turn out this way as well. heh.

Here are the pics of the consolidated components...

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