27 December 2009

D-336: Destron Emperor Deszaras (Deathsaurus)

Deszaras - my favourite Transformers Victory character.

Yup. That's right. I rank Deszaras above the vaunted Star Saber, Victory Leo (and Victory Saber).

From the very first episode of Victory and onwards, Deszaras has shown cunning, wit and attack abilities that put some previous Decepticon leaders to shame. Throughout the Victory series, Star Saber does not appear to have convincingly defeated Deszaras. Most times, I certainly get the feeling that Deszaras leaves the scene of battles because he is bored of toying with the Autobots and/or Star Saber, rather than in retreat.

Deszaras has many weapons at his disposal and a wide variety of attack moves, more so I'd say, of any Decepticon leader that came before him. In terms of weapons he has a Scimitar (in anime), maze (morningstar; in anime and from toy), tiger-bow & arrow (in anime), standard issue gun (toy) and "Living-Metal-Destroying-Cannon" (as seen in the anime episode Resurrection? The Decepticon Fortress). Deszaras also controls the tiger-brest and eagle-brest, both of which can transform into guns (guess this makes his a 'brestmaster' and Targetmaster at the same time.

I recently acquired a Deszaras box and foam, both in very very pristine C9.5 condition with no rips, tears, creases or scratches or anything like that, below.

Back of Deszaras box, no flap crease!

One of these babies are going inside this box!


  1. If you find another box for Deszaras or Metalhawk those are my 2 that are rough, due to shipping my mint ass Deszaras broke through the front of the box ): ah well, so did a few others, but these are the ones I need the most!!

    1. Sure will let you know if I come across. Deszaras box is VERY hard to come by nice because the size is just very odd and therefore hard to handle and hard to pack. I can safely say that I've never seen as D-336 box as nice as the one I got pictured - most inevitably have flap creases at the very minimum.


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