05 August 2014

so this year, I will be at Auto Assembly!

This weekend, I will be at Auto Assembly in the UK.

Long story short, I guess, I'd say that Auto Assembly is the UK's annual version of a TF convention by fans.

How this all came about has been pretty fortuitous. It wasn't planned, at least not from the very beginning. E and I were always going to take a vacation during this period, after her secondment at a client's office ends. This year, she wanted to go to Europe and decided on Paris, London and Switzerland. It was during the planning stages of the trip that I realised I would be in Paris on or around the time AA is happening.

Initially, we weren't supposed to be in the UK during the AA weekend, but on realising that there is a true blue TF-convention on at the time, E sort of moved mountains to make sure our schedule aligned with some part of the convention. She even booked a nice room at the hotel where AA will be held.

Needless to say, I am very excited to be attending perhaps my first even TF dedicated convention. Looking forward to meet my buddies Maz, Morg and Specimen-17 too.

Thanks a million to E for making it possible!

~ HD


  1. Awww, man! Very awesome! That sounds like a killer trip too, enjoy!

  2. awesome, have a great time, maybe in the years to come you can hit up tfcon as well


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