21 August 2014

Specimen-17's sale of the decade (perhaps) - lots of rare G1 figures AFA-ed, MISB, MIB

Beginning from a couple of days ago till somewhere in mid-September, long time UK seller Specimen-17 will be selling a very large lot of Transformers - mostly AFA pieces, Japanese G1 (MISB and MIB), USA G1 (carded, MIB, MISB) and other exotic paraphernalia.

For a sale of this scope and magnitude, Specimen-17 is currently in Beijing, China, assisting a long time collector auction off key pieces of his collection. The collector is known to me, was active on the Australian Transformers Boards and we are good friends - this is why I am doing a shout out here.

E and I have personally seen his collection in Australia before we all moved back to Asia. With hand to heart, I can say that his collection is one of the most breath-taking and stunning collections that I have seen. The depth of the pieces he has to the rare and exotic nature of the items are really something to behold.

Some of what is on auction right now includes such pieces as AFA Arfire MISB, AFA dino-cassettes, AFA Masterforce figures, MISB Japanese, USA and Euro-exclusive figures and more.

Okay, enough of the hard-sell, go see for yourself...

eBay.com page: http://www.ebay.com/sch/specimen-17/m.html?_ipg=50&_sop=3&_rdc=1

eBay.co.uk page: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?_ipg=50&_ssn=specimen-17&_sop=1

(I included 2 pages because eBay kind of displays strange on my browser and depending on which site I use, a different number of hits is show; weird, but I don't know why).

Good luck bidding, I know I want to win some of those puppies too!

~ HD


  1. Wow, the timing of this is very appropriate to my blog post today :)

    1. you're right! I saw your blog post right after I posted this!

  2. Awesome! I was originally worried that seller was selling knockoffs. He's got a carded Override that I really, really want.

    1. All the G1 is for sure genuine if you ask me. He's had most of these since 2005-2008, years before the KOs for them appeared. There will be some exotic KOs, I heard, but they will be listed as such and will appear pretty obvious anyway due to the size and colours

  3. Going to be keeping my eye on this.

  4. Missed out on several of these, and came nauseatingly close of Squawkbox, which I totally would've upped my bid on. It's no good having auctions that end at 4am UK time.

    Sent you a PM on tfw2005, by the way. Massive apologies it's 4 months late. (still can't quite believe where this year has gone)


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