23 August 2014

Shelve re-arrangement - Autobot cars to the front!

This was toward the end of July, a couple of days before E and me left for our Euro vacation. That day, I decided to (once again) rotate and re-arrange my toy shelves. This time, I really wanted to feature the early year 'Autobot cars' and sort of rotated them all to the front.

The shelves do a little red now... a lot red actually because that is the background colour for Autobot boxes.

This is a slightly different arrangement from the same day - spot the differences!

This is a close up of the right tall shelve which now houses the following tiers: (1) USA boxed Autobot cars (this is not all of them); (2) Japanese boxed Triple Changers and Dinobots; (3) eHobby exclusive re-coloured Autobot cars; (4) Japanese boxed Autobot cars,  including mail-aways; and (5) misc.

Close up shot featuring a slightly different arrangement where the Autobot cars are stacked on the left shelf and the Dinobots and Triple Changers on the right

This is my current arrangement of the right bottom shelf - USA boxed Jetfire (Matsushiro), C109: Stepper MIB, C-108: Artfire MISB and C-326: Galaxy Shuttle.

This is an alternate arrangement of the bottom shelve to show the 2 Decepticon giftsets and 4 of the Lost Light's crew MIB - Getaway, Chromedome, Brainstorm and Highbrow.

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