15 July 2013

Takara, Transformers: Fight! Super Robot Life, D-56: Ramjet MIB (#2 of 36)

So I was saying that I recently bought a huge lot of G1 Japanese Transformers and that Sixbuilder MIB, was the first piece I unveiled.

In no particular order, here is #2 - Fight! Super Robot Life (1985) D-56: Ramjet!

Since young, Ramjet has been one of my favourite jets, alongside Skywarp and Thundercracker. For some reason, Starscream did not appeal to me much (ouch, I think I'm getting stoned by 'screamer fans....).

This Jap version of Ramjet is a stunning specimen.

Here (below) is a shot with the back of box art. It's odd. Ramjet is a 'series 2', aka 1985 figure. However, instead of having the Japanese exclusive 'series 2' back of box art (which features Dinobots and Devastator), this is actually series 3 back of box art - ie: this is what is behind the Transformers: 2010 series boxes (ie: 1986 art).

Odd, like I said.

Here a shot of the transformation sequence. I won't comment more on this until (hopefully), I get another little gem from a good friend. However, eagle eyed G1-ners would spot something noteworthy here as well.

Here is Ramjet, with Ramjet (loose) and SCF Ramjet.

Out of package and showing all paper works.

Close up... in stunning white.

Complete paperworks (but stickers are applied).

Well, there you have it. #2 of 36.


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  1. Gorgeous. I just love how pristine the white is on him.

    1. thanks man, this is a really nice piece taht I like.

  2. original g1 ramjet has to be my favorite out the conehead seekers. i absolutely love the colors and decals. i have Henkei ramjet that i love dearly and will eventually get reprolabels for him and my other henkei seekers. but yeah i can understand about having a preference with ramjet along with skywarp and thundercracker, they were the best looking ones of the originals!
    great find!

    1. Agree with you that the black / white colour scheme is great and that he is one of the more distinctive coneheads - he did get an IDW spotlight issue too!

      I do have the Henkei one too, but it gets a little creamy yellow after awhile (which is why i also have a spare MOSC lurking around, just in case!). Does yours have the creamy problem?

  3. There are two other things that intrigue me when it comes to this piece: One being the fact that while the fiction created for Hasbro had him sport a conehead. And yet, both the toy and the box art does not sport that. Plus, the other is the choice of colors. The color scheme is something different. Just hard to say, as it either screams "1980s adult" or "Oi, HD! Buy me!" :)

    Either way, all I can say is that it is a great piece. Wonderful box condition, near perfect piece. Any better, and I would have sworn that you bought it from these guys: http://otakumeme.com/3934/aizen-being-a-good-samaritan/ So with that said, I cannot wait until #3! :)

    1. I think the colour is quite classic. You can't go wrong with black and white in my books in any event.

      The conehead thing is purely due to Flory Dery and the early Marvel design sheets, probably to differentiate Ramjet, Dirge and Thrust from 1984's SS, TC and SW. I do not think the toy designers or Hasbro meant for these 3 to be coneheads as can be seen from the box art, the graphics, the catalogue picutres of these guys.

      What's disappointing is that during some online interview, Floro Dery was asked a direct question about 'why coneheads? what's your intent behind that?'. And he couldn't answer cos he just can't remember. sign.

      #3 will have to wait, hopefully, just a few days. Been snowed under completely these past weeks. =)

  4. Nice! I never had Ramjet as a kid, but recently bought a nice loose specimen @ Charticon. Thundercracker and Dirge were always my favorite seekers, but I'm really starting to like Ramjet.

    Speaking of buying a lot of JPN TFs...I'm in the process of creating my own nice little haul. Keep your eyes peeled on my blog as I hope to reveal them soon...relatively speaking (looks like November before they all arrive).


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