14 July 2013

Donuts Daily - Part 6 - Fight back to Cybertron!

After a gap of a few days, where the donut bakery became a little quiet, the Donuts Daily is back, with a super fantastic sixth chapter!

Most of the contributions are from Hyperoptic, starting with this one, from the season 2 episode Child's Play.

Then, UndertakerPrime said this "Millions of years ago, on the planet Donutron, life existed. But not life that we know today. Intelligent donuts that could think and feel inhabited the cities. They were called Audonuts and Donuticons. But the glazed Donuticons were driven by a single goal: Total domination. They set out to destroy the chocolate-loving Audonuts. And a war between chocolate and glazed raged across Donutron. Devastating all in its path, draining the planet's once rich sources of sprinkles. The Audonuts, on the verge of spoiling, battled valiantly to survive."

Now, we fight back to Donutron... erm, Cybertron I mean.

All the below are from Hyperoptic, such an extraordinary graphics person!

Donutron itself, the home of the Transformers...

"Operation: Deliciousness"

"I am the Donut of Cybertron. Before Cybertron was, I was!"

Too many donuts!

"Do it with Donuts or don't bother doing it."

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