27 August 2012

Pre-Transformers, Diaclone, Dinosaur Robo No.5 aka Swoop MIB, unused - Part 2

Now we take this baby out of it's box and have a look!

Series - Diaclone
Designation - Dinosaur robo No.5
Box = C8.5, near C9
Toy = C9+
Sticker sheet unused (but slightly bent)

Diaclone Swoop in insert, unused sticker sheet and instruction booklet

Chromed sword. Something that Transformer released Dinobots never had - each has a sword that is casted in bare red plastic.


The Diaclone World catalogue is on the flip side of the instructions

Close up of unused sticker sheet

Top view


Robot Mode

Close up of upper body and head - very cartoon accurate (see cartoon screen capture)


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  1. Does that instruction sheet show where the bleep the driver's supposed to sit?

    1. It doesn't show. Diaclone Swoop does not come with any driver.

  2. Doesn't Diaclone swoop come with a yellow driver?

  3. Doesn't Diaclone swoop come with a yellow driver?


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