15 October 2011

Some consolidated acquisitions for October 2011

Did not have much time this month to post up acquisitions, so here they are, all in one go!

1 October 2011 - Optimus Prime and Megatron speakers and Takara SCF figures

Bought these from Metro Comics in Causeway Bay. Very interesting speakers, which I tested before I bought. The sound quality is actually quite impressive for a speaker of this tiny size.
Each of the speakers have a 3D image of Optimus Prime / Megatron etched into the top crystal; the bottom crystal has their names. The font type used for Optimus is the same design as the IDW "Best of Optimus Prime" font type. Nice.

Also bought these 2 babies today - Takara SCF "build-a-figure" Fortress Maximus and Grand Maximus.

7 October 2011 - Transformers 'hero-clix' style mini figures and SCF Soundwave, aka "Soundwave superior!"

Okay, I should know what these are call, but I can't remember. So yeah, I'll just call them Hero-Clix style figures. What I do know is that they are not Takara SCF figures, not KT Collection figures neither; and not Suntory BOSS figures. Size is slightly smaller than the above.

This collection has the normal staples of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Jazz, Megatron, Soundwave and Starscream. 

The seller was selling for 7 pieces for HK$150, so I picked up 5 unique pieces and 2 Soundwaves, both also for E (her favourite character).

Picked up a Takara SCF Soundwave figure too - Soundwave superior!

10 October 2011 - G1 Japanese exclusive Headmaster Heads have arrived from Quint!

Getting the KO "superise Headmasters giftset" last year, while filling a void in my collection has left a spike in my heart (not a pun). I just cannot get over the fact that the ones I have were not the genuine ones. Also, E repeatedly stated that the KOs are tainting my collection (and I think they do).

I did try to search for the genuine ones when I was in Osaka earlier this year and there were some for sale, but the silly shop was actually selling the KO ones at genuine prices and thought they were genuine!

Recently, I grabbed these genuine heads from TFW member Qunit, and they arrived today. Wow, very happy. Very very happy!

Rodney, Kaku (not from Quint), Loafer, Lione and Trizer

In their alternate modes

Close up of Lione and Trizer

Close up of Rodney, Kaku and Loafer

12 October 2011 - Micromaster Missile Transport MIB, complete

The 2 days before 12 Oct was extremely tiring and taxing on the mind. Full day meetings and drafting documents till 1am+... so, on 12 Oct, I thought I might try searching for some Micromaster Transports.

Background to that was that I kept seeing MM Transports on eBay going for utterly outrageous prices. Cannon Transport for US$80+, Missile Transport for US$120 and (this takes the cake) Tanker Transport going for US$152! Nuts. 

I remembered seeing some US boxed MM Transports in Richmond Centre, so here I was, heading there to find it.

I did find 1 MIB piece, the Tanker Transport has been sold.

Okay, so I'll bite this time although I didn't the last 2 times. Bought Missile Transport.

Box is not so great, but decent - C7 I'd say.

Complete with instructions and catalogue

14 October 2011 - end of the week raid with Ultra Magnus

It has been a long week in more senses than the word. It has been a long week for both UM and myself. What did we do to unwind? Transformers hunting!

Headed to YMT and gosh, today was a good day. 

UM managed to pick up Henkei Red Alert, Smokescreen, the 2 mini-bot teams, all MOSC and extremely mint. 

I went to my usual shop and decided to pick up (another) Sixtrain MIB, unused (I sold my other set).

Also, from the same shop, I picked up these really really sweet gems on behalf of a good buddy. Vintage Predacons in individual boxes, all beautifully minty, near C10, unused, paperworks still sealed in original bags. Wow, I was blown away and so was UM!

Then, walked around to the shop at the corner and picked up a MOSC G1 Dogflight (I'd previously missed picking up a MOSC Backstreet from this same shop and passed on a MOSC Override because the bubble was yellowed).

From the same shop, and this is the highlight of the day, picked up a "build a figure" Takara SCF Black Zarak! I know that the SCF Masterforce series was one that I did not pick up back in 2001 and so never got Black Zarak. 

I know how awesome this mold is because I do have the build a figure Scorponok and after getting my Fortress Maximus and Grand Maximus a few days ago thought how awesome it would be to also have Black Zarak to fight them. Well, here he is!

Group shot consisting of Headmaster Heads and the "build-a-figures" Fortress Maximus, Grand Maximus and Black Zarak.


  1. Nice pick ups on the headmasters. I feel the exact same way; even though I have the KO's I feel like I am cheating myself and I need to get the real things. I had started before the KO's came out and already had Trizer and Loafer, but I still need to grab the other four. At least now the real ones should be a little easier and cheaper to find. I assume you are still looking for Shuffler?

  2. Hey Arkvander! I too started about 6 months before the KOs were released, but these were so rare and so difficult to find. I remember that in the months leading up to the KOs, many people were selling theirs on eBay but the average price was US$200-300+ per head, which I thought was just a little too exorbitant. I actually already have Kaku, which a seller mistaken thought is Apeface’s head and he sold it to me with my Jap box Apeface MIB. Recently got the other 4. Yes, still looking for Shuffler although I have the “superise giftset” one… How is the “head” hunt going on your side?

  3. Unfortunately I am only having limited luck. I've only really seen the heads on eBay and you know how that can be, they are still way overpriced. I got my original two from board members so I am hoping I can continue that trend as prices and people are a lot more reasonable that way. I will say however that all of my searching has been passive, I haven't really been actively looking like I should be.

  4. HD an unrelated question. I am going to Japan next week and I've been going through your old Japan related posts which are great by the way... Anyway have you seen a Trypticon anywhere and is the price usually reasonable?

  5. hey Roger, don't remember seeing many Trypticons in Japan, if at all. It's one of the things that don't pop up often I guess. Box art is cool too! Good luck with the hunt!

  6. Hei HD, just wanted to thank you for all the guides. They were incredibly useful!! In general though, I found Tokyo disappointing in terms of Transformers when compared to Osaka. There were very few G1/other lines in the Tokyo shops although I saw some Black Zaraks (one each in different shops) and one overpriced Fortress Maximus in Mandarake Akihabara (C7 box for 150K Yen, not sure about the insides, but eBay prices are cheaper I think).

    In Osaka though, I managed to find a Trypticon in Jungle although I didn't buy it since it's missing Full Tilt's gun and all paper work, and the stickers weren't in good condition. I really liked both Jungle and Hero Gangu for their selections and Gangu was more along how I think a Transformer stocking shop should be i.e. Transformers from all lines, etc. Managed to grab a couple of Henkeis/United there.

    One final thing which managed to amuse me: the Black Zaraks were expensive at around 147K to 155K, but one day I went into Kid's Land in Osaka and lo and behold on the fourth floor they had a variety of model trains for sale, one of each for 470,400 yen!!! Sizewise it's length is not more than the arm of Black Zarak and it's pretty small although not a miniature, and many of those are for Shinkansen (not vintage) models so not sure why they are so expensive.

    Again, just wanted to say thanks.

  7. It only took a month and a half, but I'm catching up!


    Now for that elusive Shuffler!

  8. Whoa, sweeeeet, Arkvander!

    Joined your blog and have added it into my links list here! =)


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