14 October 2011

HK Market Watch - various USA boxed and Japanese boxed figures of interest

Don't really have pictures for this edition of Market Watch because I was in a great big rush and it was also raining heavily outside. This is also an amalgamation of the things I saw over 2 days (Wednesday and Friday this week).

懷古角 (In's Point)

Shop owner told me the the TF market in HK is slowing down because there has been a decrease of mainland Chinese coming down to HK to hunt TFs. Oh well, it has to slow down at some time.

The Toy Shop (玩具鋪) - Sino Centre
Not much new stock of TFs. Notably, he has a set of individual boxed Dinoking MISB for sale. Also has a set of individual boxed Seacons (Jap box) and a Goodbye Convoy giftset, C9, unused, but missing Poster.

Good Toys (Richmond Centre branch)
A good selection of USA boxed Transformers including:

  • Quickswitch MIB
  • Sixshot MIB
  • Groundshaker MIB
  • Hosehead MIB
Shop 309 (Richmond Centre)
Guy has some interesting things like a Powered Convoy (boxed and loose), Diaclone blue Hoist and silver Skids 2 pack, blue Bluestreak, white Sunstreaker, Goodbye Convoy MIB (no poster, again), and 02 x C-114: Fortress Maximus.

However, very expensive.

ToyZone 16 (Causeway Bay)
Restocked on a pretty large selection of sealed Beast Wars figures. I have no idea whether they are rare in demand or even what they are, no idea.

A fair selection of M.AS.K. toys including Pit Stop Catapult MIB, Gator MISB, Stiletto MIB (whoa, I used to be obsessed with Gloria and Stiletto was just un-gettable in Singapore).

The highlight of their Transformers selection is the RiD Luck Draw Brave Maximus, you know, the one in the completely white box and with the full set of Fortress Maximus accessories and Master Sword. Yes, that one. The rare lucky draw one.

Wanna know where these shops are? Check my maps here.

So much for this edition of Market Watch!

~ HD


  1. All I see in my area are the same DOTM peg warmers. Even if the market has slowed down over there the selection is 100 times better.

  2. hi Colbey! Yes, there are lots of DOTM peg warming here as well. So much so, I don't even look at them anymore. The only "DOTM" pieces I have bought are Powerglide and Guzzle, which were promptly inducted into my Classic-verse. Other than that, very unlikely I will get any DOTM.

  3. Darnit, H_D the MISB Dinoking individual boxed gems sounds wonderful! He's on my TF Bucket List for sure.


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