31 October 2011

Bluestreak box art goodness!

It's no secret that Bluestreak is one of my favourite G1 Transformers, ever.

This year has been a very good Bluestreak year and I am very delighted.

First, I managed to obtain a large format completely unobstructed piece of Bluestreak box art on the back of a G1 Japanese LP from 1985, thanks to the lovely E who arranged and sponsored my ad hoc TF hunting trip to Osaka

Third, I received a surprise from a good friend and a good buddy in the form of a mint-in-sealed-box G1 Bluesteak, which to top off its awesomeness is also the pre-rub version.

It's also no secret that one of the reasons is because of his box art.

Ginraii over at Botch's Box Art Archive has very kindly edited a truly stunning piece of Bluestreak box art for me from the raw image taken from my 1985 Japanese Transformers LP. Ginraii said that it's just a 'preview', but this is so jaw-droppingly stunning that I almost fell off my chair when I saw it... and it's so awesome, I cannot help myself but to post it up here for posterity... pending the 'final' version!

What really gladdens my heart is also the generosity and graciousness of the TF collecting community. I have managed to acquire all the above 'dream' specimens of Bluestreak with their help and their generosity.

Thanks very much to E, ben2099, [buddy who gifted me MISB Bluestreak] and Ginraii!

~ HD


  1. Oh man HD, that is some deliciously stunning Box Art right there and to think that it's only a preview! :O
    Congratulations man and a big thumbs up to Ginraii for his efforts! :)

  2. Hi Hursti, yes, this is deliciously stunning! I can't stop staring at it and when E came home, I ran to her with the iPad and said "did you see this, did you see this? I know I emailed you a copy, but here it is on the iPad and it looks even more awesome". And then I made her look at it too. Hahahaha....

  3. We can still change the color scheme as we discussed. Let me know!

  4. Thanks G! I will be looking into it these few days and will knock when I need help.


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