21 November 2011

The nefarious nihilistic negativity of... Negatron

It has been awhile.

For the past month, I have been hitting the books in heroic style, something I have not done since the distant memory that were my university days. Book hitting evolved into various study groups which at times devolved into all manner of conversations.

In one of these conversations, h-beest (a person, but not exactly a Transformers fan), mentioned a Transformer - Negatron.

"What?", I asked bewildered (so sure that it was preposterous, bordering on sacrilegious that there was a Transformer who escaped my attention).

"Negatron", h-beest repeated.

"Huh? What, where, how?", I quipped.

"He appeared in the Family Guy and Negatron transforms into a canoe and he is very negative", she said.

H-beest provided further information: Negatron appeared in Season 9, Episode 14 of the Family Guy entitled "Tiegs for Two".

With that info, I found out more about Negatron, who no doubt is a parody of the Decepticon leader Megatron.

Negatron profile:
"Negatron is a member of the Decepticons with the attitude that nothing will ever go right for them. When Megatron is trying to rally the Decepticons in "Tiegs for Two" into another scheme, he is shot down by Negatron. Megatron points out that his only power is to turn into a canoe, and Negatron says they'll regret needing him if they have to battle on a slow-moving stream.
It should be noted that Negatron is a Family Guy original creation and not an original Transformer.
He is voiced by Alec Sulkin." (source)
Can you spot Negatron?

(left to right: Barrage (in his first ever cartoon appearance), Megatron, Scrapper, Astrotrain, Hook, Negatron, Rumble, Soundwave).

But wait, there's more.

In science, Negatron is: (1) An electron with a negative charge, as contrasted with a positron; (2) an obsolete word for electron.

In music, Negatron is: an album by Canadian metal band Voivod.

In gaming (World of Warcraft), Negatron is: a level 69 fel reaver who often comes to visit Area 52 to destroy its machines. He doesn't "do" anything other than a minor scripted scene.

From the Urban usage perspective, Negatron is: (1) expressing denial or refusal; saying "no"; (2) one who continously views all subjects in a negative way on a dialy basis.

What an interesting 'fella, this Negatron guy.

I'll close with this...

~ HD


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