22 August 2010

Parramatta Fair - 22 August 2010

This was going to be my 'last' Parramatta Fair and as such very momentous for me. It was also one of the few fairs in sometime that I made it there early - being 9-ish in the morning (late by most other standards). Once more, it was a chance to catch up with fellow board members from OZ Formers. A few other things were different for this fair. Firstly, the OZ Formers boss-bot, Griffin, flew from Brisbane to attend this fair; secondly, I bought lots of things to sell and exchange with board members; thirdly, I got there early; and fourthly, it's going to be my 'last' fair before I head back to Hong Kong.

E was there with me bright and early. Met up with fatbot, dirge, liegeprime, kup, kelvinchang99, optimus1, Goktimus Prime, Gamblor and many more board members near the entrance of the fair. Distributed their loot to them and collected my loot from them.

Proceeded to walk around the fair and bought one of the highlights from the fair from Sky Shadow - MIB Flywheels sealed in insert! This piece perfectly compliments the Battletrap MIB sealed in insert I got from Japan. E bought ActionMaster Jazz MOSC from Sky Shadow and in her words, "I'm gonna open it up".

Of importance, I met 5FDP and 1AZRAEL1 in person for the first time today.

We soon proceeded to the Westfield foodcourt for playtime and fun & games. Griffin was giving away Micromasters as prizes in his Transformers quiz. I answered one question correctly and got a micromaster combiner, nice! (question was 'which Micromaster patrol blew up the Ark?'). After his quiz, I had a nice chat with griffin about BotCon. He later managed to convince E to go in 2011, which is one year ahead of my contemplated schedule of 2012!

Here are some pictures of the day.

Playtime at foodcourt

Member name tags courtesy of Decepti Optics

Pictures created by dirge and E

OZ Formers Sydney (mostly) members who turned up at the fair (photo from Deceptic Optics)

E's haul:
Hard Hero Soundwave MIB (from fatbot)
Hard Hero Starscream MIB (from fatbot)
ActionMaster Jazz MOSC (from Sky Shadow)
Hunt for Decepticons: Tracker Hound MOSC (from Griffin)

My haul:
Hard Hero Megatron MIB (from fatbot)
Hard Hero Wheeljack MIB (from fatbot)
Flywheels MI(S)B/MIB (from Sky Shadow)
Not-Arcee MISB (from kup)
Marvel BAF Modok
Marvel Visionaries: Todd McFarlane vol 1
Marvel Visionaries: Todd McFarlane vol 2
Marvel Visionaries: Todd McFarlane vol 3

Haulage pictures...

E's tracker Hound and Modok


  1. Hi H_D!!
    I think I managed to spot you in those pictures!

  2. Really? How did you know. Which one? =)

  3. Hehe! It's a easy give-away!
    You are the dude in the front with the glasses and black hoodie! ;-)

    you look young-ish for your age!

  4. Are you going back to Hong Kong for good?

  5. yo WSX! That is not correct. Hahaha. You have another try to get it right.

    Chris, yes, I'm going to HK for work and will be there for the medium term. Technically not 'going back' because I'm not from HK. heh.

  6. Aww, Oh well....guess my hunch was wrong! :-(

    Okay..err...lemmie see..Ahh!!
    How bout the guy at the front with the Autobot cap! And grey Camo-hoodie!!

    And good luck for your move to HK! More TF's for you to hunt! ;-)

    OOh...and maybe become a middle-man TF supplier..LOL.

    Cheers, mate!

  7. Nope.

    I don't own any Transformer apparel (odd as that might seem).

    Strike 2.

    There are only 2 other Asian guys, so you got 50/50 for your next guess. heh. =)

  8. Hmm, darn! Wrong guess again!
    Ok..final one! The guy in the Superman T-shirt!!! Man do you ever look slightly like my cousin brother! LOL! Seriously!

    Heh! Please tell me I got it right this time?!

  9. Yup. Isn't that a stylish shirt, yeah? =)


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