05 June 2010

Powermasters Darkwing and Dreadwind MIB

I loved these 2 guys' appearances in the G1 comic. Liked the fact that they acted as enemies to not just the Autobot Powermasters but the Autobot Pretenders (Landmine and Cloudburst) as well. Oh, and there was their run-in with the Mechannibals.

I have been sporadically looking good unbroken MIB samples of Darkwing and Dreadwind for a couple of years. I keep coming across sets where their clips are broken. I know it does not affect transformation and/or displayability, but the fact that they are broken makes me unhappy. 

I was recently able to obtain both of these, MIB, and in minty unbroken condition from a seller in the UK. I also got them at a better price than the average eBay going price of US$250 to 300 for MIB Darkwings and Dreadwinds.

A few pictures.

Darkwing unbroken clip

Dreadwing unbroken clip

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