20 June 2010

Black Zarak weekend update

This acquisition fits into "The Year is 1988" era, albeit, the Japanese exclusives part of that era.

I didn't have too much time today and daylight was limited, but I did manage to snap more shots of D-311: Black Zarak. I have to thanks Automorpher from the the TFW2005 Boards for selling me this sweet piece. The condition it came is in better than I expected and would have hoped for. To my delight, that Black Zarak box is not torn at all, unlike boxes of this size which is typically is torn at the corners where the box opens.

I have always held the view that Black Zarak is merely a repaint of Scorponok with a differently molded 'helmet' and a large spear. I know of, and have talked to many members in various message boards about Black Zarak and their fascination with it, among them such nice people as Rampagess, Bruticus and KelvinChang99 from OZ Formers. Admittedly, I continued to hold my view above and did not think much of Black Zarak, that is, until I received him and opened him with E.

I soon realised that Black Zarak is about 30% Scorponok and 110% awesome. There is just something about its colour combination, helmet and spear which creates a majesty that far outstrips Scorponok on all aesthetic fronts. It is regal and beautiful to behold, yet looks absolutely evil - truely worthy of being the Destron Dark Emperor. The relatively candy coloured Scoponok just can't hold a candle to Black Zarak. It's fragility actually gives it the extra added untouchable aura that pieces like Monstructor, Skyhammer and Roadblock also possesses. E is also very impressed with Black Zarak and cowardly me actually let her do the feet transformation (for fear I break them, cos I know I won't blame her if she broke them, but I'd hate myself if I broke them).

Black Zarak is definitely the key Masterforce piece and in my mind, ranks above even Overlord.

Some more preliminary shots of Black Zarak.

Head shot of Black Zarak
Black Zarak's golden chromed chestpiece


Comparison shot of Black Zarak with Scorponok and C-114: Fortress Maximus

Close up shot of Black Zarak and Scorponok

Black Zarak with Fortress Maximus, God Ginrai, Victory Saber, Scorponok, Overlord and lots of combiners.


  1. bro,why u black zarak's eye is red colour????so strange cos my black zarak is blue colour eye

  2. hi Paul, it's not strange at all. BZ's eyes are originally blue. I went and painted my BZ's eyes red because I think Decepticons should have red eyes... see here: http://heroicdecepticon.blogspot.com/2007/10/blue-eyed-autobots-and-red-eyed.html

  3. @H_D: I think I'll be doing the same with mine, just maybe use red shiny stickers instead! ;p


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