26 June 2010

Destron Ambassador of Destruction D-307: Overlord

This is a figure I bought from HK a couple of years ago. It is one of the 'in' characters now after IDW's Land Stand of the Wreckers. Still, D-307: Overlord has always been one of the more desirable Masterforce characters over the years and have always commanded a high price in the secondary market.

This is actually my second Overlord. I bought my first Overlord at the National University of Singapore charity bazaars in the forum back in 1999. That was complete and in C9.5 condition. It cost me $4. No joke, see this post. In 2001, I sold that Overlord to fund further Transformer purchases and also because I know I'd eventually want a boxed Overlord. I sold that for $450. Cool huh? =)

So, I was in HK a few years later when I chanced upon an MIB Overlord, and at a good price too (less than what I sold my previous one for would you believe it). It was complete and had a complete set of paperworks, always a pet attraction of mine. The only downside is that the box is not really in the greatest of condition. There were some rips and tears and some parts was water damaged. Still, it's a pretty good deal.

So I grabbed it.

Here it is.

Love the styrofoam insert tray of vintage Transformers.

Complete set of paperworks - bio card, tech specs decoder, offer catalogue, catalogue and instruction sheet.

Headmasters, Godmasters and Brainmasters...

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